HL 5000
professional acoustical water leak & tracer gas detector
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The HL 5000-C/GM Acoustical Leak Detection system is the next generation of professional dual segment analysis (DSA) leak detection instruments. The HL 5000 is both a pre-locating and pinpointing instrument. The DSA technology allows for both ambient sound and minimum leak noise to be displayed simultaneously, making it an easier task to pinpoint water leaks.

H2 Probe accessory is used for tracer gas detection applications. Tracer gas leak detection is perfect for finding the most difficult water leaks, i.e., deep pipes, noisy environments, or any where traditional acoustical techniques can not be used successfully. (H2) hydrogen tracer gas is the only approved gas mix for use in drinking water.

Using the optional
RSP-3 transmitter the HL 5000 can also be used to locate plastic water pipe via acoustically.
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HL 5000 Can do it all...
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Acoustical Leak Detection
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Plastic Pipe Locating
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Tracer Gas Detection
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Affordable Professional Systems
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Finding water leaks have never been easier
  • HL 5000 Models
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    HL 5000 is an extremely versatile multi-use professional leak detection system. The HL 5000 from Vivax-Metrotech featuring proprietary DSP & DSA technology allows users to both pre-locate & pinpoint leaks via acoustical listening mics and with hydrogen mix tracer gas using a special designed H2 probe. The HL 5000 can also be used to locate plastic water pipes acoustically.
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    Features of the HL 5000-C:

    • HL 5000 w/DSA technology
    • Pre-Survey & Pinpoint
    • Affordable entry model & Upgradeable
    • w/PAM-B2 (universal mic)
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    Features of the HL 5000-C+GM:

    • HL 5000 w/DSA technology
    • Pre-Survey & Pinpoint
    • Upgradeable to tracer gas & plastic pipe detection
    • w/PAM-B2 (universal mic)
    • w/GM80 Ground Mic w/Handle
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    Features of the HL 5000-H2:

    • HL 5000 w/DSA technology
    • Pinpoint using tracer gas mix (H2)
    • Upgradeable to acoustical & plastic pipe detection
    • w/PAM-H2 hydrogen probe
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    Features of the HL 5000-CGH:

    • HL 5000 w/DSA technology
    • Pre-Survey & Pinpoint
    • Upgradeable to plastic pipe detection
    • w/PAM-B2 (universal mic)
    • w/GM80 Ground Mic w/Handle
    • w/PAM-H2 hydrogen probe
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    Features of the HL 5000-RSP3:

    • HL 5000 w/DSA technology
    • Plastic Pipe Detection
    • Upgradeable to acoustical & H2 detection
    • w/PAM-B2 (universal mic)
    • w/GM80 Ground Mic w/Handle
    • w/RSP-3 transmitter
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    Main screen
    The main screen is used for the majority of leak detection.
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    Histogram screen
    The histogram screen is perfect for walking a pipe, pinpointing a leak to an area.
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    Noise Logger Screen
    The noise logging screen can be set up to provide non-stop listening and is perfect for cycling valves, etc. Can be set for 3,10 or 30 minutes.
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    Filter Selection Screen
    The filter screen allows users to narrow down their search by disabling any noises NOT associated with leak noise.
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    Gas Detection screen
    The gas detection screen displays the amount of H2 tracer gas being detected and allows for a precise pinpointing of a difficult leak.
    Features of the HL 5000 receiver:

    • Uses DSP technology to clearly recognize the leak sound even when other noises are present
    • DSA (dual segment analysis) technology simultaneously displaying the present and minimum values.
    • Histogram measurement stores last 9 real-time measurements
    • High audio quality & large digital display
    • Real-time recording of sound for up to 30 minutes
    • Plastic pipe locate mode (w/optional RSP-3)
    • H2 tracer gas mode (w/optional PAM-H2)
  • Acoustic
    PAM-B2 & GM80
    Using mics leaks can be pinpointed for repair. The PAM-B2 mic is a universal sensor used for both contact applications for pre-locating and leak surveying as well as for pinpointing. The GM80 is a specifically designed ground mic for pinpointing water leak noise.
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  • H2 Tracer Gas
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    PAM-H2 is the heart of the tracer gas system. This highly advanced sensor can detect very low levels of H2 tracer gas which can provide pinpointing of even the most difficult leaks in the noisiest environments.
    Hydrogen Gas Detection
    Now the model HL 5000 is a multi-tool acoustical and H2 gas detector. When used with the optional PAM-H2 gas detector probe, the HL 5000 can be used to detect H2 tracer gas for those difficult to find water leaks. Simply insert the H2 tracer gas mix into the water system, walk along the pipe, and when the probe is placed above where the difficult leak is located, the HL 5000 will detect the highest level of tracer gas and the water leak can easily be pin pointed.
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  • Plastic Pipe Locating
    The RSP-3 is a stand-alone water noise transmitter than can be used to emit a detectable noise pulse onto plastic water pipes which then can be easily detected by the versatile HL 5000 for pipe locating and marking.
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    Features of the RSP-3:

    • Impulse generator provides locatable signal to plastic pipes
    • No water connections eliminates service interruptions
    • Rechargeable batteries for longer operation and savings
    • Variable impulse and intensity optimizes unit to conditions
    • Works in conjunction with existing HL 5000 platform
  • PAM-T3
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    PAM-T3 rugged contact mic can be used to probe into the soil closer to the pipe and leak making pinpointing of even the most difficult leaks possible.
    Contact Mic/Probe

    The model
    PAM-T3 is a ruggedized probe/mic assembly perfect for probing soft soil conditions and listening closer to the actual pipe leak. This accessory can greatly aide leak detection, especially in crowded and noisey environments.
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SebaKMT HL 5000 Leak Detector System