Correlating Logger System
professional correlating loggers
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The Seba LOG CORR correlating noise logger system from SebaKMT is a new generation of leak pinpointing technology. This hybrid correlator / noise logger system combine the independent leak noise logging capabilities with correlating technologies to calculate the exact distance to the leak from the logger location using sound files recorded during the night.

This form of leak detection allows the exact distance to the leak to be pinpointed during the routine logger interrogation by maintenance personnel, thus saving water operators valuable time and money with leak detection and countless of lost water revenue.

LOG CORR loggers employ an advanced sensor technology and smart algorithms which revolutionize and simplify acoustic leak detection.

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  • Features
  • Models
  • Includes
Tab 1
• Correlation with up to 8 loggers at the same time
• GPS navigation directly to the logger
• Radio communication to the loggers
• Correlate on unknown pipe materials (Speed of sound assistant)
• No personnel needed for night measurement
• Special pinpointing mode

  • Why LOG CORR?
  • Navigator
  • GPS Mapping
Tab 1
This form of leak detection allows user to locate even the most difficult leaks quickly sand precisely, thus saving valuable time and money. The unique pinpointing feature enables the operator to confirm correlations directly on site.
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Tab 2
One of the most remarkable features of the LOG CORR system is the navigator. Just like a navigation system, the GPS-based leak navigator leads you to the previously correlated leak position. During navigation your position is continuously displayed on the map so that you know which direction you should go to reach the exact location of the leak.
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Tab 3
While deployed the GPS position of the loggers can be immediately stored via USB-GPS receiver or Smart phone. The GPS data can then be used for an automatically generated survey map for further analysis of the measurement results.
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Tab 2
  • LOG CORR-8
  • LOG CORR-6
  • LOG CORR-3
Tab 1
LOG CORR systems are available with 8, 6, or 3 correlating loggers. The standard system includes the maximum 8 loggers. Deploying 8 loggers can allow users maximum leak detection coverage.
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Tab 2
LOG CORR systems are available with 6 correlating loggers.
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Tab 3
The most economical LOG CORR system includes the minimum 3 correlating loggers. This allows users to employ and and find leaks and then add loggers later to expand use.
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Tab 3
  • 3, 6 or 8 loggers
  • 3, 6 or 8 angle adapters
  • 3, 6 or 8 tripod adapters
  • Radio Interface Sebalog R1 with USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • Application software
  • GPS receiver
  • Headset
  • Manual

Note: customer must supply laptop or tablet and smart phone.
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SebaKMT LOG CORR Correlating Logger System