HL 50
professional acoustical water leak survey tool
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The HL 50 from SebaKMT is a new acoustic water network survey tool that is small, affordable, easy-to-operate, and an excellent leak detector with high-end performance. Its outstanding acoustic properties enable it to reliably locate even the smallest of leaks. The (3) three filter settings allow the equipment to be perfectly adjusted to the individual task at hand and suppressing any interfering background noise. The integrated LCD digital display indicates the actual measured sound level as a number and simultaneously as a bar graph. After each new measurement the previous level will still be displayed to compare sound levels. SebaKMT offers a basic and municipal kit, which includes the external high performance PAM B2 microphone and higher grade headphones. The HL 50 leak detector is a perfect single hand operated instrument with extremely long battery life.
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Light-weight and comfortable to hold
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A complete leak detector system
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Compact design and perfect for any leak detector on the go
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Easy to use and affordable
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Filter Settings
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User-friendly display and stores last reading
  • HL 50 System
    The HL 50 Basic kit Leak Survey Tool includes an HL 50 receiver, noise cancellation headphones, and integrated microphone. The HL 50 Municipal Kit includes the PAM B-2 high sensitive microphone, and upgraded headphones.
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  • HL 50 Handheld
    The HL 50 receiver features volume control, mute, 3 filter settings, last value memory and large LCD digital display.
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  • Optional Accessories
    The HL 50 can be used with optional PAM-T3 mic for probing soft soil or contact use and the GM80 high performance ground microphone typically used with HL 5000.
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  • Features
    Features of the HL 50:

    • Excellent acoustic properties for reliable leak location
    • 3 Filter Settings to suppress extraneous sound
    • LCD display for visual leak detection
    • Last measured data memory
    • One-handed operation
    • Sensitivity adjustment
    • Extremely easy-to-use
    • Volume control
    • Rugged design
    • Mute switch
    • Greater versatility is gained by combining the HL 50 with the sensitive GM 80 wind protected ground microphone.
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SebaKMT HL 50 Leak Detector