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Professional Water Leak Correlator
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The Sewerin SeCorr 08 water leak correlator is the perfect all-in-one hand-held correlator with ruggedized carry case and single plug-in recharging cord. Water leak correlators are required when standard acoustical leak detection is not possible, e.g., where traffic, wind, etc. interfere with normal techniques. The ability to listen and hear when using traditional acoustical leak detectors can be paramount. The SeCorr 08 is unaffected by these interferences making leak detection possible even when working in the noisiest of environments. Other factors including depth of pipe, ground conditions and rain have no effect on accuracy of results. Correlation is based purely on mathematical calculations. Therefore a successful leak correlation when using a SeCorr 08 can be an easy task even for an inexperienced leak detector.
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Perfect for difficult leaks or noisy environments
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Attach to any surface where a leak noise is present
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Compact microphone design is perfect for use in tight valve or meter boxes
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Transmitters are compact and lightweight and offer long range
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Correlating is quick and easy with step-by-step functions
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Complete correlator system with built-in case charger
SeCorr 08 
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  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Easy-to-use
  • Allows user to listen to actual leak noise from transmitters
  • High output transmitters (500 mW)
  • Radio reception up to 650 ft per channel
  • Built-in measuring assistant
  • PC software for printing results
  • Up to 8-hour operation on charge
  • Ruggedized carry case with charger
SET Hydrophones HA (EM22-S1002) allow sound to be detected directly from the water column. This method considerably improves the leak coverage, especially when correlating plastic pipe. It also makes it possible to successfully detect leaks over hundreds of meters.
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Measuring Wheel 
Measuring Wheel (KR08-Z0600) measuring wheel with bag.
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Lid Lifter 
Lid Lifter (7222-0002) magnetic lid lifter.
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SeCorr 08 Leak Correlator