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GSM Radio Noise Loggers - Cellular Technology
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The Sewerin SePem 01 GSM radio noise loggers incorporate GSM cellular phone technology for permanent or stationary applications. The compact design of the SePem 01 GSM logger can be installed vertically or horizontally making installation in small spaced valve boxes possible. The logger records the noises during a user-defined measuring period and analyzes the data. The results are then sent directly via Short Message Service (SMS) through an email gateway, downloaded to a computer and viewed using SePem software with Google Maps application.
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Perfect for permanent applications
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SePem 01 GSM software
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GSM loggers with GSM cell technology
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SePem 01 GSM provide users leak overwatch
SePem 01 GSM 
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  • Versatile mounting - vertical or horizontal
  • Built-in GSM cellular technology
  • Uses SePem 01 programmer
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • SePem software
Lid Lifter 
Lid Lifter (7222-0002) magnetic lid lifter.
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SePem 01 GSM Loggers with Cell techology