Premium pipe & cable locator w/GPS & SIS
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The vLoc-5000 from VIVAX-METROTECH is in a class all by itself. It combines the technology introduced by the vLoc2-Series with features like Signal Select (SIS), Positive Line ID, Signal Direction (SD), Distortion Alert and built-in GPS receiver for logging time & date stamp. These features provide users with the most accurate line marking that the industry has ever seen. Every vLoc-5000 includes the new 10-watt-SIS transmitter.

The vLoc-5000 hardware features fast dual-core processor engine and air core sensors which enable peak antennas, left/right guidance, line orientation, distortion meter, automatic depth, positive line ID, current measurement information and more to be simultaneously displayed on a large TFT VGA color screen, while offering class leading 40 hour battery life.

When compared to other high-end competitors, its easy to see why the vLoc-5000 is above and beyond its competition and is in a class all by itself.
Standard Features:

  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction for strength and light weight
  • Both Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (40 hours) & Alkaline (12 hours)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Built-In GPS for Time & Date Stamp and Latitude & Longitude for precise mapping
  • Signal Select (SIS) provides positive line ID
  • Line Orientation Compass (360 degrees)
  • Distortion Alert Meter - assists in recognizing signal bleed over
  • Bluetooth enabled for external GPS & smartphone and tablet use
  • Locate information can be stored in locator and retrieved later w/MyLoctor2 App
  • Ultra Fast Dual-Core processor engine for fast, reliable, and accurate results
  • Color backlit TFT high visibility display provides a best in class user experience, night or day
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • Over 55 receiver frequencies for compatibility with other locators
  • Multiple Antenna modes (peak, null, peak-arrows, broad peak, sonde)
  • Sonde (multiple frequencies)
  • Fault-Find mode (with optional A-Frame accessory)


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10 - Watt (SIS)

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All vLoc-5000 receivers are equipped with the frequencies listed below.
Power 50 (50+150+250Hz)
Power 60 (60+180+300Hz)
Radio Mode (22.1kHz)
RF EUR (19.8kHz)
CP 100
CP 120
CATV (31.468kHz)
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  • Sweeping for unknown utiities
  • Verifying locating marks
Typical Uses
  1. 60Hz - power cables or common bonded utilities, i.e., telephone, CATV, etc.
  2. RADIO - unknown buried cable & pipes
  3. CP 120 - cathodic protected pipelines
  4. CATV - some cable TV systems
6Hz / 8.19kHz - Low
6Hz / 8.19kHz - High
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Fault Find
  • Sheath & Secondary fault locating
  • Simultaneously cable locates
  • Provides depth of cable fault
Typical Uses
  1. POWER - secondary fault locating
  2. TELEPHONE - sheath fault locating
  3. FIBER OPTIC - sheath damage/moisture entry point
  4. locating stub-outs
98Hz (PDM/PCM)
128Hz (PDM/PCM)
SD-USA (256Hz/512Hz)*
SD-EUR (320Hz/640Hz)*
SIS-491Hz (+/-)
SIS-982Hz (+/-)

*SD - Signal Direction
SD is optional for vLocPro2
SD is standard on vLocML & vLoc-5000

SIS - Signal Select (+/-)
SIS is only available on vLoc-5000
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Low Frequency
  • Direct Connection
  • Long Distance locating
  • Low Bleed-over
Typical Uses
  1. long distance fiber optic cable
  2. long distance coated pipelines
  3. congested locates
SIS-8.44kHz (+/-)
SIS-9.82kHz (+/-)

SIS - Signal Select (+/-)
SIS is only available on vLoc-5000
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Medium Frequency
  • Direct/Clamp/Induction
  • Most Cables & Pipes
  • Typically used most often
  • Good Signal Distance
  • Low to Medium Bleed-over
Typical Uses
  1. good for most locates
  2. power & telephone cables
  3. gas transmission & distribution
83.1kHz (VM-810 / vLoc-9800)
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High Frequency
  • Induction
  • Poor Grounding conditions
  • Short Signal Distance
  • High Bleed-over
Typical Uses
  1. water pipe & tracer wire
  2. "drop box" inductive
  3. open circuits
The vLoc-5000 features SIS (Signal Select) with Positive Line Identification. The SIS feature when used, synchronizes the transmitter and receiver to provide a direction indicator (+ or -) of the signal to be displayed on the color screen while locating. This information allows for a user to more easily determine if they are locating the correct target utility or the wrong utility. This feature is used primarily for high value utilities in congested areas, i.e., running through crowded corridors, etc. SIS can be used in low and medium frequencies making the vLoc-5000 one of the most accurate line locators ever developed.
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+ A confirmed accurate locate
User is certain of locate accuracy.
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- Indicates wrong utility
User knows with certainty that wrong utility is being located.
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Signal Select (SIS) allows the target line to be positively identified by indicating a (+) Plus "positive" indication of locate.

When the (+) Plus is indicated, the user can be sure that they are locating the target utility.
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When the Signal Select (SIS) displays a (-) Minus or negative, this indicates that the user has lost the initial target locate and is now locating the wrong utility. This feature alone can save thousands of dollars in miss locates and lost hours on the job site.
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The Distortion Alert meter is constantly analyzing the quality of the locating signal and will display a red warning indication when it detects distortion in the electromagnetic field. Distortion is caused by adjacent or crossing utilities. If no color is indicated, then locate signal is good and marking accuracy can be assured.

This feature also provides the line orientation arrow, which indicates direction of the utility.
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When signal distortion is detected the circle fills up with red color indicating that this particular area of the utility locate should be given proper attention to guarantee accuracy. Typically other adjacent utilities can cause distortion.

This feature is important in helping locate technicians identify areas of concern. It can be used to eliminate good locates and marks from requiring additional attention, and instead focus on other areas where additional attention is required, thus saving additional time on the job site.
Locating accuracy is guaranteed with the bargraph and numerical peak signal strength indication. The unique multi-color indication makes locating the exact peak a quick and easy task.

Note: Under extreme difficult conditions, the peak indication will always be the final overriding piece of information when determining where to mark the utility.
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Note: Under extreme difficult conditions, the peak indication will always be the final overriding piece information when determining where to mark the utility.
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Left / Right indication is displayed with a green centerline indication. This feature aides with line locating accuracy. When the centerline matches the peak indication, the user is exactly above the utility. Using both peak and centerline indication guarantee user accuracy.

Note: If centerline appears inaccurate, and distortion is indicated (RED COLOR), then only the peak indication should be trusted. The combination of these tools help technicians and engineers maintain accurate locates, even under the most difficult conditions.
Every vLoc-5000 receiver is Bluetooth enabled and with built-in GPS system. Locate information and GPS data can be stored on locator simply pressing of the "i" button. External GPS receivers, such as Trimble and Asteri can be connected with for precise earth mapping overlay for accurate map grade utility surveys and GIS systems.

The vLoc-5000 can also be used with FREE Vivax-Metrotech VM MAP application from the Google Play and Apple Store. Simply download onto your smartphone or tablet and quickly and accurately produce precise utility maps. These maps can be instantly emailed to your customer or office for confirmation of locate, time & date stamp, etc.
  • Bluetooth
Tab 1
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Plug-N-Play Bluetooth module can be customer installed into any vLocPro2/vLocML2/vLocDM2 receiver to provide reliable wireless communication to external devices, such as GPS receivers.
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Tab 2
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VMMAP for Smartphones and tablets
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Fault Find (FF) 
Every vLoc-5000 receiver come standard with cable fault locating capabilities. The optional A-Frame accessory is all that is needed for easy and accurate above ground locating of cable sheath to ground faults.

Other options include the New VM-510FFL “Stand-Alone” A-Frame. The VM-510FFL is compatible with the existing vLoc-5000 transmitter.
  • Accessory (plug-in)
  • Stand-Alone (wireless)
Tab 1
All vLoc-Series receivers accept the accessory A-Frame for fault locating.
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Tab 2
Most vLoc-Series transmitters support the VM-510FFL “Stand-Alone” A-Frame. The VM-510FFL provides its own display and can line and fault locate.
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Accessories can be a time saver when just the right tool for the job is needed. The right accessory can in some applications save hours of work. You will find that Vivax-Metrotech has the right accessory for almost every need.
  • Carry Options
  • Clamps
  • A-Frame
  • Remote Antenna
  • Live Power Filter
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Leads
  • Sondes
Tab 1
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Soft Carry Bag
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Carry Bag with Wheels
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Hard Case
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Shoulder Bag (Receiver only)
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Transmitter Bag(s)
Tab 2
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2" Signal Clamp

The 2" clamp is used for smaller telephone cable applications, CATV, and fiber optic cables.

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4" Signal Clamp

The 4" clamp is often desired for telephone and some power applications.

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4" SIS Signal Clamp

The 4" SIS clamp is designed to allows users to utilize the positive ID frequencies of the vLoc-5000

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5" Signal Clamp

The 5" clamp is the new industry standard. It allows signal application on 4" and larger conduit. This is the most popular clamp selection for users primarily locating underground power cable.

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18" Flexi-Clamp

Flexi-Clamp is primarily used for aerial cables transitioning to underground under protected U-guard, making it nearly impossible for smaller clamps to be used. Also can be used to apply signal to large bunches of cables.

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Clamp Adapter and Extension Pole
Tab 3
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An A-Frame accessory provides a plug-n-play approach to simple and easy conductor fault locating. An essential tool for any power provider. Constructed of Light-Weight Carbon Fiber.
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The VM-510FFL stand-alone A-Frame provides a stand-alone approach to simple and easy fault locating. The VM-510FFL line and fault locates. Constructed of Light-Weight Carbon Fiber.
Tab 4
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The Remote Antenna (USB) accessory is designed to locate the individual cable among the many bundles that can be present in some communication applications and for “Hot” cable identification for locating unmarked secondaries in power transformers, eliminating the need to shut down working power conductors when doing secondary fault locating or maintenance.

Tab 5
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LPC Separation Filter provide an easy and safe method of applying transmitter signals to “Live” power lines via AC plug.

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LCC Separation Filter provide an easy and safe method of applying transmitter signals to “Live” power lines via direct connection clips.

Tab 6
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Using the 10-Watt transmitter Rechargeable battery pack saves money and helps keep the environment green. These battery packs can be recharged hundreds of times and can last the equivalent of two (2) regular Alkaline change-outs. Kit includes wall charger.

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The Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (Rx) replaces the alkaline battery tray in the vLocPro2 receiver. Included in vLocPro2.

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vLocPro2 Receiver
Vehicle 12VDC Charger


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vLoc-5Tx & vLoc-10Tx Transmitter
Mains AC Power Lead (Not Charger) - 30'

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Transmitter Vehicle 12DC Power Lead
(Not a charger - provides alternate power to transmitter) - 30'


Tab 7
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( - Standard Clips
( - Large Clips
( - Telephone Clips

All leads includes holder
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Ground Extension reel (30-feet)

( - 32'
( - 98'
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Ground Stake

Tab 8
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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc-5000 Line Locator