Pipe current defect mapper system
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vLocDM2 Pipe Defect Mapper System
Defective pipeline coating and shorts to other structures can render cathodic protection ineffective. The vLocDM2 Pipeline Defect Mapper by Vivax-Metrotech has been specifically designed for surveying pipelines for these problems. And when not being used as a Current Mapper, the bottom magnetometer foot can easily be detached and the vLocDM2 becomes a fully-featured lightweight pipe & cable locator.

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Vivax-Metrotech vLocDM2
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Pipe Current Defect Mapper
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Instant Data Review
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Removable DM foot
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Recycle your old PCM
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Enhanced suite of capabilities

Market Leading Features

The vLocDM2 from Vivax-Metrotech has become the new standard for a pipeline current/defect mapping systems. Some of the features not currently offered by competitive models such as
Built-In GPS receiver, Automatic Graphing screen, Dual battery solution, i.e., alkaline & Li-Ion Rechargeable battery, Removable Magnetometer (foot), Peak & Proportional left/right arrows, Line Directional Indicator (compass), and utilizing the industries lowest PCM/PDM profiling signal (3Hz) available guaranteeing the best possible performance.

  • vLocDM2 RX
  • Loc-150 TX
  • A-Frame (ACVG)
  • Foot (Removable)
  • Software
  • Trade-In PCM
  • Video
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  • Screens
  • Features
  • Information
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vLocDM2 A-Frame Screen
The A-Frame screen provides users the ability to view in real-time and pinpoint exact locations of pipeline coating defects and ACVG activity. Also displayed is a live plot of voltage gradient to assist users with identification of coating defects. In addition to directional arrow (points toward coating defect) is a peak locating graph with left/right guidance arrows and pipeline orientation indicator for simultaneous accurate pipe locating. Built-in (GPS) allows for exact location for further investigation and excavation.
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vLocDM2 Measurement Screen
Taking a measurement is simple and fast. This screen displays the CURRENT DIRECTION ARROW and pipeline current, signal current, depth of pipe, distance from last measurement and which PCM signal being used.

Also when taking a measurement the completion bar at the bottom will give a time reference to the user.
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vLocDM2 Graphing Screen
The graphing screen provides an instantaneous view and live plot of current attenuation on pipeline. This provides users with an instant diagnoses of pipe coating defects and areas of concern. Also, by scrolling plotted graph to where a known area of concern is indicated, user can then walk back (using built-in GPS) to exact location for further investigation (ACVG) for pinpointing coating defect, or locate for short detection, etc.
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vLocDM2 Main Screen
The main screen provides an intuitive and user friendly interface for simultaneous pipe locating, CP current attenuation, GPS data collection, automatic depth, and distance from last current reading. Easy to read left/right & guidance and peak indication for quick, easy, and accurate locating and line direction indicator of pipe direction.

Displayed Above:
  • Peak/Null Icon
  • Speaker level Icon
  • GPS (on)
  • GPS Signal Strength
  • Bluetooth Icon (Blue on/Grey off)
  • Magnetometer Foot (Blue-connected/Gray-detached)
  • Battery Icon (Green-Li-Ion / Blue alkaline)
  • Line Depth (Meters or Feet)
  • Log (indicates saved number)
  • Distance from last reading (Meters or Feet)
  • Peak Antenna (Numerical & bar graph)
  • Left/Right Distance Proportional Arrows
  • Line Direction Indicator
  • Gain Setting (Manual)
  • Frequency Selection (locating)
Tab 2
Standard Features:

  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction for strength and light weight
  • Weighs less - only 5.6 lbs. (25% lighter than previous model)
  • Extreme long battery life: vLoc2 series
  • Alkaline (typically 11-hours intermittent use) 100% improvement
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable (typically 19.5-hours intermittent use,w/ full backlight turned) *220% improvement
  • Recharging cycles ~500 times.
  • Holux GPS receiver (included)
  • Walk Back Feature (w/GPS on)
  • Provides distance from last reading (w/GPS on)
  • Store up to 1,000 logs
  • Excellent overload protection
  • Socket port for accessory use (A-Frame, Remote Antenna, etc.)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Socket for battery recharging
  • Standard USB for memory stick (data transfer/MyLocator2 App, etc.)
  • Bluetooth enabled using optional "Plug-and-Play" Bluetooth module
  • Detachable Magnetometer foot
  • Ultra Fast Dual-Core DSP processor engine for fast, reliable, and accurate results, supporting color display and multiple antenna array
  • Color backlit TFT high visibility display provides a best in class user experience, night or day
  • An intuitive menu allows for customizing (e.g., simple, expert or pro)
  • Includes MyLocator2 utility App for PC - allows customized screens and feature controls
  • Over 70 receiver frequencies for compatibility with other manufacturers (free-of-charge)
  • Multiple Antenna modes
  • Peak (dual peak)
  • Null (single null)
  • Peak with proportional left/right arrows (dual peak / single null)
  • Broad Peak (single peak)
  • Line Orientation Compass (360 degrees)
  • Automatic continuous depth or current measurement (selectable)
  • Depth, current, **GPS latitude & longitude displayed simultaneously at the press of a button
  • Lio-Ion Rechargeable and alkaline battery packs are standard.
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • MyLocate2 App for data transfer, software upgrades, start-up screen & feature locking

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The vLocDM2 Receiver is a hand-held unit which is used to locate the pipeline and provide the operator with a measurement of depth, current magnitude and direction of the near DC signal as applied by the vLocDM transmitter and distance between logs.

The DM2 receiver makes the required calculations and displays the results automatically. The current measurement can be stored by a single button press in its internal memory and integrated with precise GPS longitude and latitude coordinates or sent to an external GPS device via its Bluetooth link (or direct cable link) for post-job analysis. Also this information is displayed live in real-time via built-in graphing screen.

The built-in GPS also provides for a unique walk-back feature, enabling users the ability to walk back to the area of concern for instant analysis. Older models required multiple crew visits, perhaps over multiple days to review and investigate data. These unique Vivax-Metrotech features provide operators with a method that quickly troubleshoots the CP system by pinpointing metallic contacts (shorts) and pin-pointing coating defects while still on the job-site, saving operators time and money and reducing time on the job site.

Real-Time graphing and GPS walk-back feature provides instant on-site analysis of pipeline current attenuation. This feature alone provides a revolutionary technological time saver for corrosion personnel utilizing PCM tools.

FULLY FEATURED PIPE LOCATOR - Additional cable locate modes and over 70+ available frequencies also allow the unit to be used as a traditional fully-featured cable and pipe locator and be used with most other manufacturers portable transmitters.
Tab 2
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Transmission - Current Mapping (CM)
3Hz & 98Hz (CM)
3Hz & 128Hz (CM)
ELF1: 3Hz/6Hz/98Hz (CM w/ACVG)-USA
ELF2: 3Hz/6Hz/128Hz (CM w/ACVG)-Euro
Distribution - Current Mapping (CM)
3Hz/6Hz/512Hz (CM w/ACVG)-USA
3Hz/6Hz/640Hz (CM w/ACVG)-Euro
Single Frequency Modes
(for long distance utility locating)
98Hz / 128Hz / 512Hz / 640Hz

Transmission - Current Mapping (CM)
4Hz & 98Hz (CM)
4Hz & 128Hz (CM)
ELF3: 4Hz/8Hz/98Hz (CM w/ACVG)-USA
ELF4: 4Hz/8Hz/128Hz (CM w/ACVG)-Euro
Distribution - Current Mapping (CM)
4Hz/8Hz/512Hz (CM w/ACVG)-USA
4Hz/8Hz/640Hz (CM w/ACVG)-Euro
The vLocDM Transmitter is a high-powered unit which makes long range signal detection possible up to 20 miles (32km). The flexible power requirements enable it to utilize the variety of supplies available at most transformer rectifier stations. This allows the transmitter to provide its full 150W of output power over prolonged periods, without costly battery replacements. Hookup is a simple four wire connection procedure. The transmitter is compatible with both distribution and transmission networks.

NOTE: For extreme deep or long distance pipe locating the vLocDM transmitter can be selected for single frequency use (98Hz, 128Hz, 512Hz or 640Hz) providing up to 4.0 Amp of locating current output. Models vLocPro2, vLocML2, and vLocDM2 receivers can be used for this application.

Loc-150-Tx transmitter includes: 10' lead set, 10' DC input leads, 9' output mains plug.

Tab 3
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DM A-Frame accessory provides for pinpointing of the coating defects to within a few inches. The A-Frame allows for ACVG and is automatic plug-n-play. The A-Frame accessory is constructed of lightweight carbon-fiber providing operator extended use. When using optional GPS, ACVG measurements can be taken and marked, and all coating defects can be easily located and marked for excavation crews.
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Tab 4
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Tab 5
MyLocator2 is a FREE desktop App that runs on your PC. Simply plug USB cable into your vLocDM2 series locator and let the App do the rest. MyLocator2 automatically checks your current software and with a single click lets users update your vLocDM2 locator with the latest firmware. MyLocator2 also provides an intuitive built-in utility that allows for easy data download of your Pipe Current Mapping (PCM) logs, ACVG logs, and GPS coordinates if used. This is especially useful for providing CP engineers with detailed records of any areas of concern along any pipeline that may require special attention. The MyLocator2 App is FREE OF CHARGE and is available at Vivax-Metrotech.com.
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Let us know if you want to take advantage of our 2012 Pipe Defect/Current Mapper Recycling trade-in program and we will give you a generous offer on your older experienced PCM/PCM+ equipment.
Vivax-Metrotech vLocDM2 Pipe Current Defect Mapper