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The vLoc3-XLF from Vivax-Metrotech employ extra-low frequencies and exclusive 3D antenna technology, providing users the ability to locate complex utilities where distortion anomalies are often present. These high distorted areas can often create accuracy and confidence issues with other locators. The low frequencies used in the XLF travel further distances with far less signal-coupling onto adjacent lines and are less susceptible to distortion. The technology employed in the XLF is perfect for long-distance fiber-optic lines, crowded metropolitan utility lines, pipeline corridors with multiple transmission lines, and any extremely deep pipe & cable locating applications.

The vLoc3-XLF includes all the same functionality and features as the vLoc3-Pro receiver.

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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-XLF Precision Line Locator w/Xtra Low Frequencies