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Affordable, Easy-To-Use GPR

The LMX100™ Locate & Mark system is the most affordable GPR system built for the underground utility locating industry. The LMX100 allows everyday locate technicians the ability to easily locate any metallic pipe & cable and difficult non-metallic pipe and cables like dielectric fiber optic. The LMX100 GPR system is easy-to-use and requires minimal training for new users and features real time display and improved radar sensors for accurate utility locating.
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Affordable, Lightweight & Rugged platform
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Extremely easy to use on or off road
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Perfect for locating hidden non-metallic or metallic utilities or quickly clearing an area for work
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Perfect for any company needing to locate plastic lines, e.g., water, gas, sewer, or any buried utility lines that are impossible to locate using traditional EM methods
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Battery Type:
Battery Capacity:

Signal Enhancement:
Spatial Interval:
Dynamic Depth Ranges:

Depth Estimates:
Image Storage:
USA Repair Center:
45.3" (115 cm)
27.6" (70 cm)
35.4" (90 cm)
48 lbs (22 kg)
1.25 A @ 12V
Lead Acid Gel Cell
9 Ah
Sensor: -40 C to +50 C
DVL: -5 C to +50 C
Dyna Q
5 cm
Collects data to 30 ft. (8 m) and displays 3 to 30 ft.
Real-time analysis
up to 16 GB or >10,000 images
The LMX100 provides a fully sealed antenna sensor module and weather proof DVL (IP66). Wearable parts include skid plate, battery, odometer, cables, handle/cart, etc., are easily accessible and affordable.

Optional accessories include spare battery boxes, ImageView software, larger wheels, DVL carry cases, and storage/shipping cases.
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Replaceable Skid Plate
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Rechargeable Battery
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DVL Carry Case
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LMX100 ImageView Software
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Storage/Shipping Case 
These ruggedized ATA approved cases are perfect for storing on board work truck or construction site or for air travel between job sites. Storage cases help eliminate the risk associated with operating electronic instruments in tough environments and using them reduce overall cost of ownership.
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Service & Repairs 
Tracer Electronics LLC is the USA factory authorized warranty repair center for Sensors & Software GPR carts.
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FREE Training 
Tracer Electronics LLC provides FREE on-site GPR cart demonstrations and FREE training with purchase of any Sensors & Software LMX Series (100/200) GPR systems.
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On-site training is currently available for AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN.

GPR Suitability Maps 
GPR Soil Suitability Maps are ideal for reviewing your area for conducive GPR locating. These maps are very detailed and are very large files. Please be patient and allow time to render in your browser.
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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Locate & Mark (GPR)
(utility locate & mark ground penetrating radar system)
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LMX100 GPR Cart