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The vLoc3-RTK-Pro from Vivax-Metrotech is the industry's first all-in-one utility locator with a built-in RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology providing centimeter-level survey-grade accuracy. In addition, using its internal cellular module with 4G LTE capabilities, the locate technician now can connect to the NTRIP RTK caster that provides RTCM3 corrections. As a result, the vLoc3-RTK is perfect for utility mapping.
RTK-GNSS allows for precision line marking and survey-grade accuracy mapping to coincide. Technicians can perform a regular utility line marking procedure with data collection logs by pressing a single button. GPS data is stored in the cloud automatically via its built-in 4G LTE cellular connection. The technician's input ends when the ordinary pipe & cable locate is completed. The data is in the cloud in real-time and ready for mapping and is also stored onboard the locator, available for export for review and use with other compatible mapping software. For RTK accuracy, users connect to an NTRIP RTK caster that can provide RTCM 3 correction data.

Technicians can also locate and GNSS mark utility pipes & cables, meters, manholes, valves, hydrants, and any utility attribute on any job site. This versatility provides for complete utility mapping in real-time from the instrument. A properly set-up vLoc3-RTK with service is all any technician would ever need to produce survey-grade utility maps in just a few minutes after arriving at the job site.

The vLoc3-RTK-Pro includes all the same functionality and features as the vLoc3-Pro receiver.

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Model vLoc3-RTK-Pro

Video provided by our friends at Vivax-Metrotech Canada.

Model vLoc3-RTK-Pro

Video provided by our friends at Vivax-Metrotech USA.

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Video provided by our friends at Vivax-Metrotech USA.


NO. The vLoc3-RTK requires only two things to achieve sub-centimeter or Survey-Grade accuracies.

1.) A SIM card is needed, and we provide a very affordable pre-paid option that can be purchased with the vLoc3-RTK locator.

2.) An RTK subscription is required, and in many states, this service is FREE and offered through DOT. Or you can purchase a subscription from whomever you like using. E.g., we recommend iNET for our Tennessee customers.

$0.00. It's FREE. However, there could be an occasion where a user might want to employ an API service to send the data directly to an application or system already being used for mapping or GIS, etc. On those occasions, a small fee might apply. For everyone else, the cloud service is FREE.

NO. The vLoc3-RTK receiver is identical to the features and performance of the top-rated vLoc3-Pro receiver. While there are internal changes, the most identifiable difference between these receivers is the GNSS antenna.

For decades, locating and mapping communities has been searching for a more streamlined procedure for survey-grade mapping of utilities. In the past and on older outdated systems, cumbersome set-ups have always been available where users would hodgepodge together an antenna, bulky GPS receiver, and a mobile application that had limitations, all this and cables, and additional batteries to keep charged, etc., to try and achieve sub-par mapping capabilities. Fortunately, Vivax-Metrotech engineers decided to design a locator with all this seamlessly integrated, allowing survey-grade mapping to be achieved while locating simultaneously. There is NOTHING else available that competes or compares to the performance and capabilities of the vLoc3-RTK from Vivax-Metrotech.

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Tracer Electronics LLC uses iNET RTK services from Earl Dudley LLC. We recommend iNET as service provider for the states of Alabama, N.Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. CLICK HERE for additional information.

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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-RTK-Pro Precision Line Locator w/RTK GPS