Tracer Electronics LLC
We are a nationally known repair & calibration service center and a leading sales distributor for several industry leading brands of underground utility locating equipment. We specialize in EM locators, GPR carts, water leak detection equipment and video pipe inspection camera systems.

We only offer the industries best products and solutions.
It is important for the brands we represent to lead the industry with quality, innovation, performance and affordability. All our brands are globally recognized as technology leaders and innovators. Our primary area of sales coverage consist of the American states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. We also cover other areas on a limited basis. Our repair & calibration service is nationwide.

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    Our commitment to recognize each customer as a business partner rather than a sales transaction is what makes us different from everyone else.

    Our vision encompasses combining our quality technical repair services with our various technical selling segments, providing loaner equipment when necessary and offering FREE professional training and first class support with each sale.

    Our goal is to bring "real-time cost savings" and "value" to our customers via new equipment purchases, economical repair services, and on-site training focused to reduce the overall cost of ownership. We promise no hidden evaluation fees or unnecessary service plans will ever be associated with any Tracer Electronics repairs. We provide our customers with value aimed at improving their bottom line.


    We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality standards in the industry, a commitment to quality and professionalism that has been recognized time and again by our many thousands of clients. Our well-trained, well-supervised, highly motivated sales staff and repair team, our ability to provide quick repair turnaround at our state-of-the-art facility, our factory calibration equipment/fixtures and stringent quality control procedures and our fully stocked sales demonstration trucks continue to set Tracer Electronics LLC far apart from all other sales organizations and service centers.


    We offer 60+ years of combined experience with repairing of Pipe and Cable Locating equipment, Metal Detectors, Water Leak Detectors, Cable Fault Locators, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Pipe Inspection/Sewer Cameras, Ferromagnetic Locators, Fusing Irons and other instruments vital to the underground utility industry.

    We also offer 75+ years of combined experienced selling to utility based industries. We listen to what our customers needs are and we understand just how important excellence in service & support can be for their daily success. We are committed to bringing excellence each time we have an opportunity to work for our customers.


    Our knowledge gained from our experiences is what drives Tracer Electronics LLC to being the best at customer support. We only offer the products that can meet our own stringent quality and high service standards. If a product can not be fully serviced by our service center or provide affordability and value to our customers, we will not sell it.


    We are experienced in repair and calibration of most major brands on the market today. We are an authorized factory warranty/repair center or a factory trained service center for many brands. Here are some of the brands that we repair on a daily basis; Vivax-Metrotech, Impulse Radar, Fisher Labs, Sewerin, 3M/Dynatel, Rycom, Radiodetection, Subsite, Heath Consultants, Pipehorn and others.

    Our repair costs and labor rates rank among the lowest in the industry. Our customer retention is among the highest in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing customers with the best possible value on each and every repair. We stock tens of thousands of repair components and parts, we provide device level of isolation on circuitry and we have the best trained and motivated repair team in the industry. All this equates to quick turnaround and lower costs to our customers.

    FREE Estimate & FREE Shipping
    To prove to you that our pricing is fair and affordable, not only do we provide you with an estimate prior to performing a repair, if you decide not to repair the equipment we will pay for the shipping cost back to you. Now that is the Tracer Advantage.


    Click on our product and brand links for additional information and let us know if we can help you with any equipment or training needs. If you are outside our normal sales territory we can always help you find your authorized dealer. If you are located in the Southeastern USA, please call us today (615) 285-3952 to schedule a FREE on-site product demonstration or training seminar.

    6981 Eastgate Blvd, Lebanon, TN 37090 / (615) 285-3952
    Email Us - Sales / Quotation / Demonstration / Training / Service

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      UPDATE: 5/18/2020
      We appreciate your patience. Our telephone system has been restored.

      Please call us at: (615) 285-3952

      101# - Sales
      102# - Repair/Service
      103# - Accounting
      104# - Technicians

      For Fax please use: (615) 285-3970

    • COVID-19

      UPDATE: 7/22/2020
      We continue following the latest COVID-19 Workplace Screening Guidelines, issued by the TN Department of Health as well as the CDC guidelines (issued May 8, 2020).

      CLICK HERE for guidelines.

      CLICK HERE for up to date case information.

No RMA is required


  1. Download the REPAIR FORM.
  2. Include a COMPLETED copy of the Repair Form in the box.
  3. Properly package your equipment.
  4. Ship equipment to our Lebanon, TN location (address on form). (Via UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  5. If you check the box on the form we will contact you with an estimate.
  6. Per your approval we will repair your equipment and return to the address provided on the Repair Form.
  7. We will provide 90-day warranty.
If you decide NOT to proceed with repair, if instructed we will return equipment un-repaired at no cost to you.

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