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Established over forty years ago, Metrotech Corporation has been a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for underground utilities. Its many product design successes, such as the legendary Model 810 have changed utility locating forever and made Metrotech synonymous with locating equipment. 
In 2005 
Vivax was established by a professional design team already experienced in the successful design, manufacture, and sales of utility locators, pipeline current mappers (PCM), pipe inspection camera systems, directional drilling locators, and other underground utility protection products.  
Throughout 2009, 
Metrotech and Vivax merged to form a single company, Vivax-Metrotech. Together the combined companies' products are in use by virtually every utility market throughout the world.
Building on the brand recognition of a well-known name like 
Metrotech and the proven design expertise of Vivax, the combined company of Vivax-Metrotech takes the best of both groups and bringing together first-class management, industry-proven leadership, innovative designs, and leading-edge engineering, technologies, and materials, along with an established and experienced sales team and a distribution network. Vivax-Metrotech quickly became the industry leader in design and innovation in the utility locating segment.

In 2018 Vivax-Metrotech introduced the next generation of locators featuring industry-exclusive 
3D Triaxial antenna technology. This antenna technology is obsoleting the antiquated peak and null methods. The 3D Triaxial antenna can detect the locate signal regardless of antenna orientation and can even locate pipe & cables when the receiver is not over the utility. This Vector mode and is perfect for applications where the utility is in a bustling street. This mode will indicate how far to the left or right the utility is and how deep it is. This technology makes what used to be unsafe using antiquated with peak & null methods now a very safe utility locate keeping the technician out of harm's way.
Vivax-Metrotech worldwide headquarters, sales and marketing, and engineering and design labs are in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Other design offices are in Exeter, UK, and manufacturing facilities are in Santa Clara, CA, USA, and Shanghai, China. All manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 accredited.

Once in a while, a brand comes along that revolutionizes an industry. VIVAX-METROTECH is that company. The vLoc3-Pro is the latest in fully-featured underground utility locating equipment. The all-new multi-core processing engine provides fast, accurate, reliable, and repeatable locate information. It's large 4.3 high visibility color LCD, twin 3D Triaxial antenna technology, and new "Must-Have" feature, i.e., "Vector Mode" & "Plan-View Mode," makes the vLoc3-Pro the new industry benchmark for many years to come. And best of all is the experienced and dedicated customer support team that backs every VIVAX-METROTECH product. Tracer Electronics LLC is an authorized distributor and warranty repair center for VIVAX-METROTECH products.

The vCam-6 HD video pipe inspection camera has introduced High Definition video to the pipe inspection camera industry, offering the highest-end features, legendary performance, and affordable pricing. As with all VIVAX-METROTECH products, its customers and experience have heavily influenced the design through extensive field use. 

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