(premium multi-gas leak detector - outdoors)
Full-featured Multi-Gas Detector with integrated ethane detector
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The EX-TEC HS 680 is perfect for detecting leaks in underground natural gas pipelines. Its multi-array sensor suite includes infrared for pin-pointing the exact location of leaks along the pipeline. This system avoids unnecessary and costly excavations. Its optional integrated ethane-C2H6 detector provides easy verification whether the gas leaking from the underground is a natural gas product from the pipeline or simply a natural occurring biogas (i.e., marsh or swamp gas). Precision leak pinpointing is achieved using the optional oxygen-O2 sensor. The O2 sensor indicates the minimum O2 level while simultaneously measuring for the maximum methane-CH4 level. This "minimum" with its smaller diffusion area in conjunction with the maximum methane indication provides easy pinpointing of complex leaks.
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  • Operated by jog dial, function keys and menu navigation
  • Large matrix LCD backlit display
  • Rechargeable or Alkaline batteries
  • Rapid charging in only 4-hours
  • Docking station (charges battery) available
  • PC communications via USB
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(HS08-10002K) - EX-TEC HS 680 - methane-CH4 (ppm & %vol / CO2 / Warning- %LEL & ExTox)
(HS08-10102K) - EX-TEC HS 660 - methane-CH4 (ppm & %vol / CO2)
(HS08-10202K) - EX-TEC HS 650 - methane-CH4 (%vol / CO2 / Warning- %LEL & ExTox)
(HS08-10302K) - EX-TEC HS 610 - methane-CH4 (%vol / CO2)
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Optional Sensors 
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Ethane C2H6 analyzer - (HS08-D0300) - (HS680 & HS660 only)
Sensor O2 (0-25% Vol%) - (PX51-10000)
Sensor H2S (0-100 ppm) - (PX53-10000) - (HS680 $ HS650 only)
Sensor CO (0-500 ppm) - (PX52-10000) - (HS680 $ HS650 only)
Propane calibration - (DH01-11100)

Calibration certificate - (DL04-10000)
Hand probe - (ZS14-10100)
Flexible hand probe - (ZS32-10000)
Carpet probe - (ZS01-12000)
Telescopic hand probe - (ZS43-10000

Wearable Parts
Fine dust filter (100 pcs) - (2499-0020)
Hydrophobic filter (10 pcs) - (2491-0100)
Probe filter inlet - (2499-0005)
Rechargeable battery set - (1354-0409)
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EX-TEC HS 680 Multi-Gas Detector with integrated ethane detector