The SePem 155 radio noise loggers are the latest in Sewerin noise logger technology. The SePem 155's offer class-leading performance and construction. The stainless steel and durable plastic design meet IP68 standards. They are waterproof and resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for all water distribution systems. SePem 155 loggers come standard with long-life batteries (many years), powerful magnets for attaching to valves, and class-leading sensitivity with Piezo microphones, i.e., optimized for water leak detection sounds. SePem 155 can be deployed in both the popular "Lift & Shift" applications or semi-permanent "Patrol" applications. Noise loggers are ideal for deployment overnight and listening for leaks between 2:00 am - 4:00 am, where activity is minimal. The SePem 01 Master controller can program every SePem 155 logger. During Patrol mode or "Drive-by," the SePem 01 controller will automatically communicate with the loggers as they come into range via its bidirectional radio link and indicate both via an audible tone and visual display if a leak is found. Information such as "Minimum Noise Level" and "Noise Consistency" will be highlighted on display for easy user analysis. Loggers that record no leak noise will indicate zero (-0-). Each SePem 01 Master controller can accommodate up to 500 SePem 155 loggers.

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SePem 150 Radio Noise Loggers