(ethane detector - analyzer)
Easy-to-use Ethane Gas Analyzer
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The VARIOTEC EGA ethane gas analyzer is a perfect instrument for determining whether a gas leak is from a natural gas pipeline or simply a naturally occurring biogas (i.e., swamp or marsh gas). This information can prevent an expensive excavation from occurring. The VARIOTEC EGA can quickly and easily confirm the origin of the gas leakage.

The VARIOTEC EGA analysis utilizes the fact that Natural Gas from a product pipeline contains ethane-C2H6 but biogas does not have ethane present.
  • Operated by jog dial, function keys and menu navigation
  • Large matrix LCD backlit display
  • Rechargeable or Alkaline batteries
  • Rapid charging in only 4-hours
  • Docking station (charges battery) available
  • PC communications via USB
(VT10-10602K) - VARIOTEC EGA
Hand probe (ZS14-10100)
Flexible hand probe (ZS32-10000)
Case TG8 compact - (ZD31-10000)
Carrying bag TG8 - (3204-0040)

Wearable Parts
Fine dust filter (100 pcs) - (2499-0020)
Hydrophobic filter (10 pcs) - (2491-0100)
Probe filter inlet - (2499-0005)
Rechargeable battery set - (1354-0409)
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