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The VM-880 Ferrous Metal Detector from Vivax-Metrotech is the latest generation of the very popular 880B. Enhancing existing features and adding new technologies with a new electronics platform enables faster and more accurate detection of buried assets.

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Standard Features:

  • Light weight - only weighs 1.54 lbs.
  • Ultra strong submersible ABS & carbon fiber antenna tube
  • Fast electronics processor engine for fast, reliable, and accurate results
  • Dot matrix LCD backlit display provides a best in class user experience
  • Improved ergonomics for comfort during prolonged usage
  • Up to 26 hours battery life w/only 2-AA (LR6) cells
  • Audio and visual signal strength indicators
  • Magnetic field polarity indicator - identify manhole edges
  • One touch auto sensitivity control w/manual control
  • 60Hz proximity warning
  • Unique screen inversion feature to aid w/pinpointing
  • Soft carry bag supplied as standard

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Vivax-Metrotech VM-880 Metal Detector