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Current Training Opportunities

OPEN FOR REGISTRATION - August 10th & 11th, 2022 - Clemson, SC

Sign-Up TODAY!
Advanced Utility Locating & Mapping - August 10th & 11th - Clemson, SC
Tracer Electronics LLC is working closely with Impulse Radar and Vivax-Metrotech to provide a comprehensive and thorough utility locating course at the Conference Center and Inn at Clemson University, located in the scenic upstate of South Carolina. Highlights will be NULCA Certified GPR course and GNSS Survey Grade Mapping using a vLoc3-RTK locator. To reserve your seat today, please send us a completed form ASAP. We will accept reservations until we are sold out.

Hotel Room booking information is listed in the form.

NOTE: Reservation is OPEN.

If interested, please call Eric Prince - (615) 450-8581 or

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Past Training Seminars

  • 8/19/2021

    Wake Forest, NC

    We thank every one of you who attended the training class at Wake Forest. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we had. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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  • 8/1/2020

    Clemson, SC

    We thank every one of you who attended the training class at Clemson University. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we had. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Yes, we provide FREE training with every line locator, GPR cart, leak detector, and inspection camera purchase within the American states of AL, FL, GA, KY, *MS, NC, SC, TN. We will also provide FREE follow-up refresher training if requested.
Sewerin & Impulse Radar

Yes, we can visit your job site and allow your group to experience hands-on all our products. We can also provide classroom-type group discussions, including the product overview and line locating & plastic pipe locating. Group speaking can include anything from "Locating 101", "In-depth secondary Fault Locating," "Utility GPS Mapping w/Locator," "Leak Detection 101", etc. Product presentations can be perfect for company safety meetings, 811 meetings, NACE meetings, or various worker education requirements.

We can provide a "Certificate of Training" if users can complete an instructor test following product training. The Certificate will be product-specific and can serve for your continuing education purposes. NULCA accredited training for GPR is available throughout the year.

We offer periodic seminars throughout the American Southeast, which usually require 1 to 2 days and are held at area Hotel properties. Seminars include factory instructors from Impulse Radar and Tracer Electronics. Day 1 will consist of intense GPR training and theory of underground utility locating, and extensive hands-on field use. The first day is essential for all GPR users and ideal for utility locating. The second day focuses on setting up grids, collecting data, performing successful underground utility analysis, and is perfect for subsurface engineering personal. These seminars are perfect for any professionals working in the sub-surface utility engineering fields, utility owners, utility locators, and utility contractors. They can be essential for any person using a GPR cart. These seminars require registration and pre-payment to attend and are posted on this website as they are scheduled. Please see the top of this page for upcoming or recent events.

Learn the best practices for locating utilities with GPR technology. This course follows the new Nulca Competencies for the GPR Technician curriculum and is taught by a NULCA certified instructor.

These courses will be held at various locations throughout the American southeast and our office location in Lebanon, TN. If interested in attending an upcoming class, please contact your local sales manager and we can arrange for an NULCA accredited GPR training course. Fee's may apply.

Training & Seminars