About Us
Tracer Electronics LLC is a professional sales, repair, and training provider for the underground utility protection industry. Tracer endorses only the best pipe and cable locating and water leak detection equipment available in the market place today. We are authorized distributors for several major brands of professional locating equipment, water leak detection equipment and video pipe inspection equipment. Tracer also operates one of the largest locator repair and calibration centers in the Americas.
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Utility Line Locators

Tracer Electronics offers a very wide range of line locating products. It's likely we have a locator for every need or budget. Our locators range from simple "split-box" style to fully featured GPS enabled vLocPro2 professional type or vLocML2 dual line & marker locators.
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Water Leak Detectors

We offer a broad range of leak detection equipment from industry leaders like Sewerin & Fisher Labs. We offer several models of acoustical leak detectors covering every budget, leak correlators, noise loggers, as well as an H2 tracer gas detector.
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Metal Detectors

We offer multiple brands and models of metal detectors. Our Fisher-Labs brand offer a complete line of detectors to fit every need and application. Our newest model is the fully-featured Vivax-Metrotech VM-880 ferrous metal detector.
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Pipe Inspection Cameras

The New vCam-5 headlines our camera system offering. Leading the industry in features and affordability the vCam-5 is perfect for both a small plumber operating a single truck, or a operation with 20 trucks. The vCam-5 push-camera is the perfect system for a plumber or large municipality.
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Ground Penetrating Radar

We offer Sensors & Software, the industries best brand. These models are affordable and provide the best performance. The model LMX100, LMX200 & Utility SmartCart are designed for the utility industry. The Noggin SmartCart and Conquest100 are designed specifically for engineering and construction.
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Fiberglass Duct Rodders

Jameson has long been the industries best manufacturer of duct rodders. Popular models such as the Duct Hunter is legendary in its performance. The New Gas Line Tracer model makes locating plastic gas service lines easy and inexpensive.
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Custom Lead Sets

We have been making custom lead sets for many years. We stock all standard sets for all brands and we can customize lead sets to fit any need or application. We also offer new Stretch leads.
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