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Gas Line Tracer Kits from Jameson are locatable rodder systems designed in conjunction with the Gas Technology Institute to address the issue of locating previously un-locatable plastic gas distribution and main lines. These rodder systems allow for technicians to utilize traditional pipe and cable locating equipment to locate the length of the rodder when deployed inside of a plastic pressurized gas line. Gas Line Tracer kits include a locatable rodder system and unique stuffing box to allow for insertion into a pressurized gas line. When used properly plastic pipes can be located while still pressurized without the need to disconnect from the gas main.

The Gas Line Tracer Kits consists of a traceable duct rod, specially designed tip, and proprietary stuffing box system.


Rod Diameter3/16" OD
Lengths100' to 325'
For Service Lines3/4"+
Size22" H x 17" L x 7" W
End FerruleBullet Tip
UsageInside and outside service lines.
Part NumberDiameterLength
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Jameson Plastic Service Line Locate System