GPR Carts & Concrete Scanner
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Tracer Electronics offers several models of GPR cart technology from Sensors & Software. Locate & Mark models such as the LMX100 which is perfect for utility locating. The Utility SmartCart provides grid data collection capabilities and survey & mapping with optional GPS receiver. The newest LMX200 combine the ease-of-use of the LMX100 and advanced features of the Utility SmartCart into one lightweight and affordable platform. The Noggin SmartCart provides utility locating and allows for other antennas to be utilized for non-utility locating applications. Conquest 100 concrete scanning system is perfect for precisely locating a safe location to drill, core, or cut, helping prevent from damaging rebar, or vital PT cables, etc.
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Locate & Mark (250MHz)
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The LMX100 Locate & Mark GPR system is a ground penetrating system specifically designed for the cable & pipe locating professional. Optional ImageView software enables detailed image capture. The LMX100 is so easy-to-use that new users are locating utility lines within minutes. GPR technology is perfect for locating any unknown utilities, metallic or plastic, underground tanks, etc. (Antenna: 250MHz). The LMX100 is the industries most affordable GPR Cart.
Locate & Mark (250MHz) - High Resolution
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The LMX100HR Locate & Mark GPR with high resolution touchscreen offers best-in-class performance with state-of-the-art hardware and Sensors & Software latest GPR technology. The LMX100HR can be upgraded to an LMX200, making it the perfect model for locating professionals who may down the road want the advanced features of the LMX200. (Antenna: 250MHz). The LMX100HR is the newest locate & mark GPR cart on the market today.
Map & Survey (250MHz) - High Resolution
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The LMX200 combines the ease-of-use locate & mark features widely popular with the LMX100 with the advance features of the SmartCart platform providing additional grid collection for mapping & survey work. Unique to the LMX200 is processing grid data on-screen in the field as well as pushing reports to your smartphone via WiFi and with state-of-the-art Dyna-T technology. The LMX200 is the newest GPR cart on the market today.
Multi-Antenna Platform (100/250/500/1000MHz)
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Noggin SmartCart
The Noggin SmartCart GPR system is our most fully featured GPR cart. The 250MHz antenna provides for locate & mark (i.e., LMX100) and mapping of subsurface utilities via grids (i.e. Utility SmartCart). The Noggin SmartCart also can be fitted with other antenna platforms for any GPS type of use. (Antenna: 250MHz) Other antenna include: 100MHz / 500MHz / 1000MHz.
Concrete Scanning
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Conquest 100
The Conquest 100 concrete scanning system is a complete GPR system designed for scanning vital concrete areas for rebar, PT cables, and conduits and provides users with a precise drill target indicator for safe drilling or coring. Features include: Multiple grid sizes, All-in-one transportation case, On-screen drill position, Real-time results (no post processing needed), Two-wheel sensor design for curved surfaces or pillars and much more.
About Us
Tracer Electronics LLC is a professional sales, repair, and training provider for the underground utility protection industry. Tracer endorses only the best pipe and cable locating and water leak detection equipment available in the market place today. We are authorized distributors for several major brands of professional locating equipment, water leak detection equipment and video pipe inspection equipment. Tracer also operates one of the largest locator repair and calibration centers in the Americas.
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