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The Sewerin Variotec 460 Tracer Gas leak detector is designed to locate leaks where acoustical systems cannot, e.g., extremely deep pipe, loud ambient industrial sites, etc., or where newly installed water systems are failing air pressure testing. Detecting water leaks using tracer gas involves injecting a mixture of 95% nitrogen (N₂ as carrier gas) and 5% hydrogen (H₂) as the traceable/detectable agent. The H₂ gas escapes through the leak and is detected above ground by the highly sensitive Variotec 460 instruments specialized sensor. H₂ tracer gas is non-toxic and non-corrosive, therefore permitted for use in all drinking water systems. H₂ tracer gas is environmentally neutral and permeates all cover layers such as asphalt, concrete and other seal coats. Hydrogen (H₂) is the lightest and smallest known element on the periodic table, therefore it will always take the shortest route from the leak in then pipe to the surface, making pinpointing a water leak on any surface or ambient scenario possible.

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Variotec 460 Tracer Gas Leak Detector