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The vCamMX-2 mini is a professional pipe inspection camera system from Vivax-Metrotech. Its small diameter cameras and LCD provide plumbers with a perfect lightweight camera system for quick service line video recording and pipe inspection.

vCamMX-2 provides the choice of two camera options, i.e., 0.7" fixed (D18) and 1.0" self-leveling (D26). In addition, every MX reel (100/150/200ft) offers a stainless steel tubular frame and a high-strength carbon fiber drum. Carbon fiber and stainless steel eliminate the potential of rust and corrosion commonly found on older lower-cost painted steel frame designs and are much more durable than plastic drum-type reels.

Every vCamMX-2 includes a built-in USB port with memory sticks capability for video storage and an internal Li-Ion battery (4-6 hr.). However, it can also run on any 120VAC main outlet or 12DC auto outlet. Other features include "Locatable" push-rod, built-in sonde (512Hz/640Hz/33kHz), and Wi-fi (150ft range) for smartphone/tablet app use. 

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Vivax-Metrotech vCamMX Video Pipe Inspection System