Pipe Inspection Cameras

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Tracer Electronics offers a full line of professional inspection camera systems, ranging from mini pushrod to mainline pushrod systems, meeting the need for any pipe inspection professional. We also offer small reel systems affordable to anyone wanting a camera system, and a universal affordable hand-held camera system meeting the general need for the inspection of blind spaces. The uses for the hand-held camera range from military and law enforcement to general industrial uses. Tracer Electronics specialize in sales and support of the industry leading brand VIVAX-METROTECH vCam systems.

  • Standard Push Camera (100ft - 400ft)

    vCam-6 HD

    The vCam-6 HD professional pipe inspection video camera feature new High Definition (1080p) camera heads and a 9.7" high definition (1024 x 768) LCD display. In addition to "Best in Class" performance a 1TD hard drive for high capacity video storage and Wi-Fi with FREE iOS/Android app.

    Other features include: Built-In Li-Ion rechargeable battery, real-time zoom, one-button JPEG capture, built-in camera test port and fully locatable push rod to name a few and complete on-screen instructions only one-button touch away.

    Available lengths: 200ft / 300ft / 400ft

    Available camera: 1.3" / 1.8"

  • Mini Camera System (1-3/4” pipe and up)


    The vCamMX-2 mini pipe inspection video camera system is a compact all-in-one, extremely light-weight inspection camera at an affordable price. Available in two lengths of pushrod (100ft or 150ft) and with two interchangeable HD color camera heads (0.7” fixed or 1” self-leveling) can inspect lines from 1-3/4” up to 4”. The vCamMX mini camera has all the features of the larger camera systems such as dual-frequency locatable sonde, traceable pushrod, distance counter, internal rechargeable battery and built-in microphone for voice over. The MX reels are made of stainless steel tubular construction with a lightweight rugged carbon fiber pushrod drum. The multi angle LCD and frame can be used in an upright or horizontal position.

    Available lengths: 100ft / 150ft / 200ft

    Available camera: 0.7" / 1.0"

    Boring Inspection Camera System

    The vCamMX professional bore inspection video camera system utilizes the 1" Dia. self-leveling color camera head, 100’ or 150’ reel (10mm locatable rod) and necessary items to quickly inspect bores prior to installing gas pipe. This provides a necessary level of inspection to prevent any chance of sewer cross boring. Its quick, easy, and affordable.

    Other features include: Built-In Li-Ion rechargeable battery, real-time zoom, one-button JPEG capture and fully locatable push rod, carbon fiber reel and more.

  • Camera/Sonde Locators

    vLoc3-Cam (graphical sonde mode)

    The vLoc3-Cam receiver is designed primarily for locating sondes (most frequencies). Users can also use the passive power and radio modes for locating signals radiating from adjacent pipes and cables. This allows users the ability to sweep an area for known and unknown utilities. The Pushrod and Line Trace mode allows users to locate the entire length of pushrod using an optional transmitter.

    vScan & vScan-M (sonde mode)

    The vScan receiver is a fully featured sonde & camera locator. It offers push-button depth, line compass, 512Hz & 33kHz sonde frequencies, power 60, Radio mode and much more.


    The VM-540 is our most affordable sonde locator. Perfect for anyone on a tight budget. While features and pricing are minimal, performance is excellent.

Video Pipe Inspection Camera Systems