The Aquaphon A50 from Sewerin is a commercial-style acoustical water leak detector. The Aquaphon A50 is a perfect choice for any leak detection professional needing a leak detector that can handle everyday use on the job site and prefers wired microphone connections and belt-mounted display. The Aquaphon A50 is available with either wired or wireless SDR headphones. In addition to the Sewerin SDR wireless headphone technology and its audible filter functionality, the display incorporates the standard Sewerin numerical and barograph style. The Sewerin method always displays the current and previous minimum noise levels as numeric values. The actual noise intensity is shown as a bar graph. This method gives less experienced users a visual indication and assists with pinpointing leaks.

  • Aquaphon A50's are available as BASIC, COMPLETE, or PROFESSIONAL with WIRED or WIRELESS SDR headphones.

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Aquaphon A50 Leak Detector