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The vLoc3-ML from Vivax-Metrotech is built on a new Triaxial 3D architecture providing the best in industry pipe & cable locating experience with a built-in antenna for EM marker locating. Having the EM marker antenna permanently fixed to the instrument also allows the unit to be a dedicated EM marker locator. Optional features provide additional capabilities such as Bluetooth for GPS mapping, TX LINK, and cable fault locating.

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Standard Features
  • Two 3D Triaxial antenna design & EMS transmit and receive antenna (class leading & industry exclusive)
  • Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope providing continuous correction of depth
  • Light sensor automatically controls display backlight for longer battery life
  • Vibration motor in handle provides user feedback during alerts & warnings
  • On-board Calibration / Self-Test (eliminates cal timer and PC plug-in and its associated costs)
  • Rugged high impact thermoplastic ABS construction for strength and light weight design
  • Weighs only 5.7 lbs. (2.6kg)
  • Alkaline (typically 12-hours intermittent use)
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (typically 27-hours intermittent use) (both Alkaline & Li-Ion are standard)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Bluetooth enabled using optional "Plug-and-Play" Bluetooth module
  • GPS ready (easy push-button mapping) w/external GPS receiver or VMMAP
  • VMMAP App for mapping utilities (FREE for iOS & Android download)
  • Built-In locate data logging (stores 50 Million records) - depth, current, frequency, mode, gain setting, signal strength, GPS coordinate, date and time (if Bluetooth active)
  • Ultra Fast Multi-Core processor engine for fast, reliable, and accurate results
  • 4.3" Color backlit high visibility display provides a best in class user experience, night or day
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • Over 50+ receiver frequencies (16Hz to 200kHz) and all available passive modes
  • Multiple Locating modes: Classic, Vector, Plan View, Transverse Graph, Directional Sonde & EM Marker
  • Multiple Antenna modes in Classic Locate Mode (peak, peak-arrows, null, broad, delta null, omni directional peak, omni directional broad)
  • Directional Sonde mode (512Hz/640Hz/8kHz/33kHz)
  • Line Orientation Compass (360 degrees)
  • Automatic continuous depth and current measurement
  • Fault-Find mode ready (requires optional accessory)
  • EM Marker Ball mode is standard
  • TX LINK mode (requires optional factory order)
Signal Direction 
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Signal Direction Mode (SD) is an optional frequency that can be added to any vLoc3-Pro receiver. SD mode when selected will provide users with an arrow on the classic locate screen indicating the direction of the signal current on the utility. Signal current should always flow away from the transmitter. At any time the arrow reverses (point toward the TX), then it may indicate that the user is no longer locating the correct utility. SD mode is very helpful when locating easements with multiple pipelines buried in close proximity. SD will allow for the user to always locate and mark the correct pipe or cable.

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ConstructionHigh impact thermoplastic (ABS) injection molded housing
Weight / Dimensions5.7lbs. / 12.2"(L) x 6.3"(W) x 28.4"(H)
DisplayTransmissive 480 x 272 Pixel, 16-bit Color, High Visibility, LCD, 4.3"
Antenna(s)2-sets of 3D Triaxial antennas & EM Marker antenna
Battery Life @ +70°F12-Hrs (Alkaline-6AA) / 27-Hrs (Custom Li-Ion Rechargeable)
Internal Data LoggingAll parameter stored onboard. 50 Million records storage capacity
Operating FrequenciesConfigurable frequencies range from 16Hz to 200kHz
Locate ModesClassic Locate Mode / Plan View Mode / Vector Mode / Transverse Graph Mode / Sonde Mode / EM Marker Mode
Temperature Range (optimum)-4°F to +122°F
Weather ProofIP65 and NEMA 4
Warranty - Standard2-Year (additional years are optional)
EM Markers 

3M EMS Markers

The EMS Ball & Near Surface markers from 3M provide an accurate, convenient, long lasting method of marking underground facilities during construction or maintenance. The 3M XR Ball markers unique self-leveling design ensures the marker is in a proper horizontal position regardless of how the marker is placed into the ground, guaranteeing deeper performance. 3M Near Surface markers are ideal for marking underground street access facilities during construction and maintenance or other shallow marking applications.

EMS markers enable users to return to the exact location by simply using an equipment locator.

EM Marker Ball

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Near Surface Marker

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  • Optional Accessories
    Kit Bag (default) 
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    Transmitter Bag 
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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-ML Pipe & Cable and EM Marker Locator