Marking Paint & Accessories

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Tracer Electronics offers quality solvent-based, water-based, and propellant-free marking paint, marking flag, and flag insertion tools.

  • Aerosol Paint - Marking Paint (Can)

    Aervoe Aerosol Paint

    Aervoe offers several paint-grade choices. The longest-lasting is the Survey (premium grade), and the most popular is the Construction (standard quality). Aervoe is one of the only paint producers to offer proper water-based paint for grass and artificial turf applications.

    Rust-Oleum Aerosol Paint

    Rust-Oleum offers Precision Line (premium grade) and Construction Line (standard quality) aerosol paint cans. Also, both solvent-based and water-based are available.

  • Flagshooter


    The Flagshooter is an easy-to-use and inexpensive mechanical flag insertion tool. This tool is perfect for those people who suffer from back issues.

  • Flags - Flagshooter

    Flagshooter Flags

    Flagshooter flags are proprietary to the Flagshooter insertion tool. They are collated into 25 flag clips and have a patented bend near the bottom that allows the Flagshooter device to engage them for insertion into the ground.

  • Straight Flags

    Straight Flags

    Straight flags are traditional hand placement flags.

  • 3M Marker Balls

    EM Marker Balls (3M)

    EM Marker Balls from 3M provide an accurate, long-lasting method of marking underground facilities during construction and maintenance.

  • Propellant-Free Paint - Marking Paint (Cartridge)

    Aervoe Propellant-Free Paint

    Aervoe offers propellant-free paint cartridges, which exclusively work with the Liquid Pro applicator. Liquid Pro is the only paint option when working in areas that have banned aerosol paint usage.

  • Marking Tools

    Marking Stick w/both roller & spike & flag holder (Aervoe)

    Marking stick (p/n: AER-1245)

    Marking Wand w/roller (Rust-Oleum)

    Marking wand w/roller (p/n: 2393000)

    Marking Wand w/stake (Rust-Oleum)

    Marking wand w/roller (p/n: 268476)

  • Ground Rod (self-hammering)

    EZ Ground Rod

    This 48" Self-Hammering, copper-bonded ground rod is perfect for those conditions where the soil conditions are compact and need a little extra to insert into the ground. A popular accessory for technicians who prefer to insert, connect and remove without bending over.

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