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The VM-585 Compact Multi-Frequency Locator w/Metal mode by Vivax-Metrotech is the latest generation of the very popular and affordable Metrotech 500 series legacy locators. The VM-585 is equipped with 512Hz / 8kHz / 83kHz / 60Hz & Metal mode. The 512Hz & 8kHz frequency is ideal for most pipe and cable locating and offers push-button depth. The high-frequency 83kHz is unique for locating difficult utilities, especially when a direct connection is not an option. The built-in ferrous Metal Model is perfect for locating valve boxes and manhole lids.

Application: Cable & Pipe locating. Perfect for CATV, telecom drops & power service lines.
Frequencies: 60Hz (passive), 512Hz, 8kHz & 83kHz (using transmitter), 8KFF (using VM-510FFL a-frame)
Metal Mode: Valve boxes, manhole lids, etc.

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VM-585 Line Locator