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In 1908, Hermann Sewerin, then 24 years old, established a small fitter workshop in Gutersloh, Germany, Initially he manufactured door locks, door handles, nameplates and markers. Following WWI, Hermann Sewerin produced milk centrifuges and carburetors for automotive and motor cycle production. Joined by brothers Fritz and Wilhelm, the company entered into the commercial register in 1923 as Vulkan-Werk GmbH. In 1931 Vulkan-Werk GmbH was granted a patent for its gas detector designed for the mining industry.

In 1933 the company carried out systematic examinations of gas pipelines for Fulda Municipal Gas and Waterworks. In 1936 Vulkan-Werk GmbH became the Hermann Sewerin Company. The founder Hermann Sewerin past away in 1941 and by then his son’s, Paul, Heinz and Willy had joined the company. His three son’s continued to run the business after WWII. From the 1960’s to the 1970’s a third generation joined the company; Peter Sewerin, son of Willy and Hermann Sewerin, son of Heinz.

In 1991 Sewerin moved into its new location. During the 1990’s Sewerin’s reputation for the manufacture of high-end ruggedized water leak detection and gas technologies became legendary. Sewerin also became known as a high end service provider utilizing its own products in the field. In 2001 fourth generation and the son of Peter, Dr. Swen Herman Sewerin joined the company. In 2004 he became the companies CEO continuing the tradition of leading the family business and ensuring that the Sewerin company maintains family values at its core.

Today Hermann Sewerin GmbH continue its manufacturing in Gutersloh, Germany and is known for its extremely high quality rugged products, offering customers state-of-the-art designs and market leading innovations and best in class performance. Sewerin offers its water leak detection products in the USA through only select distribution.

Sewerin manufactures high quality, market leading water leak detection and gas detection equipment. Innovation and rugged designed instruments are at the corner stone of the Sewerin product offering. Sewerin technology used in its platforms offer high performance and ease-of-use, allowing even novice users the ability to quickly find leaks and get their customers back in service. Being a successful service provider allows Sewerin engineers the ability to blend their years of field knowledge into every instrument design.

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