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The SeCorr C200 water leak correlator from Sewerin is the newest and most capable leak correlator. The SeCorr C200 platform offers a large 5.7" high-resolution VGA display, a touchscreen that can be reliably operated with gloves and an interface that is clear and laid out for easy operation. The SeCorr C200 is light-weight and ergonomic. Its strong triangular belt enables it to be carried effortlessly. Wireless headphones provide complete "cable-free" operation.

The new RT200 radio transmitters feature 500mW high output transmission paths and its microphones feature built-in LED lighting for use in dark valve boxes. The RT200 radio transmitters turn-on as soon as the microphone is plugged into the case.

The tough carry case provides for recharging of all components with a single mains plug-in.

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SeCorr C200 Leak Correlator