Professional Water Leak Correlator
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The SeCorr C200 water leak correlator is the newest and most capable correlator ever produced by Sewerin. The SeCorr C200 platform offers a large 5.7' high-resolution VGA display, a touchscreen that can be reliably operated with gloves and an operating system that is clearly laid out and easy to operate. The SeCorr C200 is lightweight and ergonomic. Its strong triangular belt enables it to be carried effortlessly. Wireless headphones provides complete "cable-free" operation. The new RT 200 radio transmitters feature 500 mW high-performance transmission paths and built-in light. The RT 200 radio transmitters turn-on as soon as the microphone is plugged in. The tough carry case provides for recharging with a single mains plug in.
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The SeCorr C200 is a premium water leak correlator.
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SeCorr C200 
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  • New SeCorr A200 design
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries (all day use on charge)
  • Easy-to-use 5.7" high-resolution VGA touchscreen
  • Wireless headphones
  • High output transmitters (500 mW) w/built-in light
  • Automatic noise filtering
  • Certified to IP67 rating
  • Ruggedized carry case with charger
Display Screens 
SeCorr C200 screens.
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Correlating is made easy, just enter pipe being correlated.
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AC200 will quickly correlate and provide location of the leak relative to the RT 200 radio transmitters.
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Filtering noises are automatic.
HY 200 Hydrophones make the SeCorr A200 an excellent measuring system for use along large pipelines and long distances between RT 200 radio transmitters. HY 200 Hydrophones are installed directly into the water column rather they do not use noises on the pipe structure, rather they use the noise in the water column which travel much farther. HY 200 hydrophones are extremely sensitive in the low frequency range, far below audible sounds. This makes the HY 200 a perfect compliment for systems that are predominately plastic. The HY 200 hydrophones kit includes a tough constructed carry case.
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Measuring Wheel 
Measuring Wheel (KR08-Z0600) measuring wheel with bag.
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Lid Lifter 
Lid Lifter (7222-0002) magnetic lid lifter.
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SeCorr C200 Leak Correlator