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The VM-510FFL+ stand-alone, all-in-one fault-find and locator A-Frame from Vivax-Metrotech is the fault-find locating solution that the underground power industry has been seeking for many years. The VM-510FFL+ combines both a cable locator & fault locator, with push-button depth in a single light-weight A-Frame package. The VM-510FFL+ is designed and built for the underground cable repair industry.

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Compatible Transmitters

  • VM-550FFL & VM-560FFL
  • Loc-5Tx & Loc-5STx
  • Loc-10Tx

VM-510FFL+ options

  • Live Plug Connector
  • Extension ground cable
  • 2", 4", 5" Clamp
  • Clamp extension rod

Standard Features
  • Lightweight carbon-fiber A-Frame design
  • Combination cable locator & fault-find locator
  • Auto switches between cable locating & fault-find
  • Multiple fault-find modes (8KFF & FF-High/Low)
  • Peak (manual gain) & Left/Right (auto gain) locate modes
  • Push-button Depth & Signal current measurement
  • 8.19kHz frequency for active cable locating
  • Two-button manual gain (peak mode only)
  • Two-button operation (on/off)
  • High contrast LCD display with auto backlight
  • Compatible with existing Vivax-Metrotech transmitters
  • Paddle control for mode and navigation
  • Two button operation (on/off & depth/menu/select)
  • High contrast display with backlight
  • Data logging and data management software
  • User settings for warning/alerts (visual/audio/vibrate/shutdown)
  • Configuration utility - personalize your vScan
  • One watt dual frequency transmitter
  • (vScanM-Only) Metal lid cover / valve box locating mode
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VM-510-FFL+ Fault & Line Locator