Metal Detectors

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Tracer Electronics offers a full line of metal detectors. We have a model to meet every need and application. Typically these systems are categorized as Ferrous metal type and All metal type. If manhole lids and valve boxes are your main targets, then Ferrous metal type is preferred. Other features that separate them are operational depth, user interface such as displays, etc., and price.

  • Ferrous Metal Detector

    Ferrous metal detectors detects manhole lids, valve boxes, pins, etc. They do NOT detect coins, cans, etc. This characteristic makes them perfect choices for utility users.


    The VM-880 from Vivax-Metrotech is the newest ferrous metal detector on the market. It offers carbon-fiber antenna housing for extreme light weight (only 1.54lbs), LCD dot matrix display for signal strength and field polarity meter to help identify edges of horizontal targets such as buried manhole lids, and to identify vertical targets like buried property pins. Also unique is the 60Hz proximity warning and the ability to invert the screen when locating vertical targets.


    The ID 2100 from Magnawand provide audible and LED indication as well as field polarity. This model features patented Target Identification (TID). This model is the most sensitive and affordable in this market segment and very popular with everyday users of ferrous metal detectors. Magnawand is an OEM manufacturer.


    The FP ID 2100 from Fisher Labs provide audible and LED indication, as well as field polarity.


    The M-97 from Fisher Labs is a traditional disc style magnetometer with both audible and visual indication.

  • All Metal Detector


    The M-66 from Fisher Labs is a traditional disc style metal detector with both audible and visual indication.

  • Rebar Metal Detector


    The M-101 from Fisher Labs is a traditional disc style metal detector with both audible and visual indication tuned for Rebar detection.

  • Metal Detector / Line Locator


    The New vScanM Pipe & Cable Avoidance System with integrated Metal Detector offer two active line locating frequencies (33kHz / 131kHz) and power & radio passive. Its built-in Metal Detector provides a perfect transition into lid and valve box detecting. The vScanM and its affordable pricing is the perfect locator / metal detector system for contractors of all type.


    The New VM-585 offer three active frequencies (512Hz / 8kHz & 83kHz) and 60Hz power passive mode and Ferrous Metal mode. The VM-585 also includes 8KFF for use with the VM-510 stand-alone a-frame fault locator. The VM-585 is the perfect choice when an affordable all-in-one locating system is needed.

Metal Detectors