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The Magnawand ID 2100X consistently outperforms all other brands in the marketplace today. It features "Best-in Class Performance" and a very rugged and strong design, making it the best choice among users working in harsh conditions, I.e., extreme hot or cold environments, mud, swamps and frozen sites. In most cases the ID2100X cost less than its competition.


  • BEST VALUE: Market leading performance & affordability
  • Distinguishes between vertical and horizontal targets
  • Unbeatable performance locating targets near fence lines
  • Pinpoints to 1" of center for valves and curb boxes
  • Excellent for detecting buried ferrous objects including PK nails, iron pipes, valve covers, masonry nails and hidden culverts
  • RUGGED & TOUGH: Made of strong material featuring thick walled ABS tube
  • Audible and visual indication (Red / Green LEDs)
  • Unique design protects switches and controls, but users can still easily access with thick gloves
  • Variable sensitivity and volume for precise tuning
  • Pulsating tone for low battery indication
  • Quick and easy battery replacement
  • Includes carry case with adjustable strap

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Magnawand ID2100 Ferrous Metal Detector