The safe, efficient way to clamp out-of-reach cables
The Jameson JE/FG/TP series fiberglass poles has an inductive clamp head adapter (IHA-2) permanently mounted to one end and a male ferrule at the other end. to accommodate locating equipment inductive clamps. The pole and adapter allow for convenient use of an inductive signal clamp in manholes or on poles. Access cables without climbing a pole or exhausting a manhole.

JE-xMC series is certified to 5-minute testing of 100kV/ft.
FG-xMC series has a foam filled core which prevents moisture build-up inside the pole and adds extra hoop strength and rigidity.
TP-xMC series is telescopic which provides variable length for use and storage convenance.

Standard 1/4-20 male thread accommodates most manufacturer induction signal clamp.

The IHA-2 adapter can also be purchased separately and used on other Jameson poles with female ferrules, such as models: TP & JE
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Inductive Clamp Poles
(Certified - Tested to 100kV/ft-5-min)


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FG Inductive Clamp Poles
(Foam filled)


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TP Inductive Clamp Poles

TP-12MC———6 - 12'

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IHA-2: Removable Inductive Clamp Adapter: Connects to Jameson Extension Poles w/Female ferrule.

Poles w/female ferrule
TP-12F, TP-14F
JE-6F, JE-8F, JE-10F, JE-12F
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Jameson's Inductive Head Clamp Adapter will accommodate standard threaded inductive locating signal clamps (locating clamps sold separately)
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Clamp Poles
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Jameson Clamp Poles