The safe, efficient way to clamp out-of-reach cables
The Jameson Inductive Clamp fiberglass filled pole has an inductive clamp head adapter permanently mounted to one end and a male ferrule at the other end.

The pole and adapter allow for convenient use of an inductive signal clamp in manholes or on poles. Access cables without climbing a pole or exhausting a manhole. Foam core prevents moisture build-up inside the pole and adds extra hoop strength and rigidity.

Standard 1/4-20 male thread accommodates most manufacturer induction signal clamp.
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Jameson's Inductive Head Clamp Adapter will accommodate standard threaded inductive locating signal clamps (locating clamps sold separately)
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IHA-2: Removable Inductive Clamp Adapter: Connects to Jameson Extension Pole.
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Inductive Clamp Poles

IHA-2---Clamp Adapter

There is a $360 minimum order requirement on Jameson items. Orders less than $360 may be subject to a $25 service charge.
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Clamp Poles
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Jameson Clamp Poles