(landfill and biological gas monitoring system)
Gas warning and measuring instrument for monitoring processes (biogas)
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The Multitec 560 is a combination gas warning and measuring device. When used as a gas warning instrument it reliably and automatically detects gases which are toxic and hazardous to workers. It also records and documents the composition of biological process gasses. Infrared measuring technology ensures accurate methane and carbon dioxide readings. The Multitec 560 is ideal for inspection of area work atmospheres (e.g., engine pits, silage tanks, shaft construction, etc.). It detects explosive and toxic gases ensuring worker safety at all times. Also the Multitec 560 is perfect for monitoring biogas production in plants. The Multitec 560 can record and analyze the gas compositions for process optimization.

The gas warning function (ExTox) records CH4, CO2, O2, CO and H2S and can be set to alarm and pre-set values. The Multitec 560 can also be used virtually anywhere in the biogas plant as a gas warning device.
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  • Operated by jog dial, function keys and menu navigation
  • Large semi-transparent LCD display provides excellent sunlight readability
  • Infrared sensors for CH4 & CO2
  • Highly durable electrochemical sensors for O2 and toxic gases (e.g., CO & H2S)
  • Rechargeable battery - 8-hour minimum
  • Rapid charging in only 4-hours
(MG04-10202K) - Multitec 560 - (CH4 & CO2 & ExTox) (optional: O2, CO & H2S (2,000 ppm)
(MG04-10402K) - Multitec 545 - (CH4 & CO2 & H2S (2,000 ppm) (optional: O2 & CO)
(MG04-10102K) - Multitec 540 - (CH4 & CO2) (optional: O2, CO & H2S (2,000 ppm)
(MG04-10002K) - Multitec 520 - (CH4 & CO2) (optional: O2, CO & H2S (100 ppm)
Measuring Ranges 
  • Multitec 560
  • Multitec 545
  • Multitec 540
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Oxygen XT sensor O2 - (PX51-10100)
Hydrogen sulphide XT sensor H2S (2,000 ppm) - (PX57-10000)
Carbon monoxide XT sensor CO - (PX52-10000)

Calibration certificate - (DL04-10000)
12V car adapter - (ZL07-10100)
Probe hose (2m) - (ZS17-10100)
Gas pipe connector kit - (MG04-Z1000)
Adapter gas output - (MG04-Z2000)
Case TG8 - (ZD29-10000)
Carrying bag TG8 - 3204-0040)

Wearable Parts
Fine dust filter (100 pcs) - (2499-0020)
Hydrophobic filter (10 pcs) - (2491-0100)
Probe filter inlet - (2499-0005)
Rechargeable battery set - (1354-0409)
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Sewerin gas detectors are premium instruments.
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Multitec 560