Professional pipe & cable locator for avoidance & tracing
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The vScan & vScanM Dual Frequency Locator by Vivax-Metrotech is the latest generation of the popular cable & pipe avoidance & tracing tools commonly used in the global market. The new vScan series incorporates an new leading edge and market leading digital electronics platform. The vScanM includes a built-in metal detector for manhole lid and valve box locating.
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  • Functions
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  • Accessories
  • On-line Training
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vScan standard features

  • Power and Radio modes (for passive locating)
  • 33kHz & 131kHz frequencies (for active locating)
  • Depth & current measurement (configurable)
  • Compass (line direction indicator)
  • Internal & removable loudspeakers
  • Rotary control for sensitivity
  • Paddle control for mode and navigation
  • Two button operation (on/off & depth/menu/select)
  • High contrast display with backlight
  • Self-test and calibration verification (confirms 100% locate functionality)
  • Data logging and data management software
  • User settings for warning/alerts (visual/audio/vibrate/shutdown)
  • Configuration utility - personalize your vScan
  • One watt dual frequency transmitter

vScanM standard features

  • All of the above
  • Metal lid cover / valve box locating mode

vScan & vScanM options
  • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Internal or external GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Sondes (33kHz)
  • Live Plug Connector
  • Extension ground cable
  • 2", 4", 5" Clamp
  • Clamp extension rod
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CLICK ON the below photo to enter the Vivax-Metrotech vScan online training site. The webpage will open in a new browser tab.
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The new vScan line locator is an industry benchmark for pipe & cable avoidance tools. Its a perfect utility sweeping tool for any utility construction crew.

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Vivax-Metrotech vScan Line Locator with GPS