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Aervoe® Precision Inverted Marking Spray Paint is more durable, brighter in color and provides more linear feet per can than the competition. Aervoe also provides paint choices based on level of quality. The Survey Marking Paint is our premium marking paint and is designed to last 6 months. The Construction Marking Paint is also high quality paint and is designed to last up to 3 months. Our All Purpose Marking Paint is our most economical paint and designed to last up to 2 months. Water-Based Marking Paint is also available for sensitive grass turf or synthetic turf applications and lasts up to 2 months.

Aervoe Paint is designed for most marking wand tools, including the Flagshooter.

The Aervoe® LIQUID PRO™ is a patented method of applying marking paint without propellant. This makes shipping, storing and disposing empty paint cartridges safe and easy. The unique designed applicator device pumps marking paint from the unique Paint-In-A-Bag™ cartridge by pulling a vacuum to dispense the paint - no compressed gas and no crushing or pressurizing required. It operates from a detachable Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack. Additional battery packs are available so you can plan to always be on the move.

Paint-In-A-Bag™ cartridge is a patented, solvent-based propellant-free Marking Spray Paint. These uniquely designed cartridges are equivalent to a typical 20 oz. spray can.

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Survey - Marking Paint Cans

12-case minimum order. 12-cans (20 oz.) per case.

Aervoe® Survey Marking Paint is a superior inverted marking paint designed for survey use where long lasting paint marks are desired. Returning to re-mark lines is costly, as is cans that clog during use. Survey Marking Paint is formulated to not clog and offer the brightest and longest lasting marks, at least 120 days. In recent years utility locators have discovered this formula and Survey Marking Paint has quickly become popular in this market.

  • Marks will last up to 6 months
  • Non-freezing solvent based - operations to 15ºF
  • Premium Quality
  • 740 linear ft./can - Typical
  • Colors meet all standards - OSHA / APWA / 811 One-Call
  • Container Size: 20 oz.
  • Net Weight: 17 oz.
  • Case Weight: 18 lbs. (12-cans)
  • MSRP: $4.78 can

Aervoe Paint is designed for most marking wand tools, including the Flagshooter.

a). #210 Silver - 15 oz. net wt.
b). #288 **H.D. Fl. Orange

**H.D. = (High Delivery) 30% greater than other colors

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Ordering Part Numbers - Survey - Marking Paint Cans

#201 - Red#222 - Fluorescent Orange#224 - Fluorescent Green#226 - Fluorescent Lemon Yellow#227 - Fluorescent Blue
#229 - Fluorescent Hot Pink#220 - Fluorescent Red#281 - H.D. Red#288 - H.D. Fluorescent Orange#230 - Fluorescent Red-Orange
#212 - Purple#210 - Silver#202 - Yellow#203 - Blue#204 - Green
#205 - Orange#206 - Black#207 - White#208 - Hi Vis Yellow#209 - Light Blue
#280 - Concrete Gray

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Aervoe Marking Paint