Recycle Your PCM Program
trade-in used older equipment for new models
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Is your PCM showing its age?
Is it lacking important features?
Is it time to upgrade?

Tracer Electronics LLC has extended its popular locator recycling trade-in program to include the pipe current mapper systems used in the pipeline corrosion industry. This new program is aimed at helping our loyal customers in the pipeline corrosion industry to successfully replace their older, worn-out PCM/PCM+ pipeline defect/current mapper equipment with new state-of-the-art equipment vLocDM2 systems which include color display, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, on-board GPS receiver, light-weight carbon fiber construction with removable foot, live current attenuation data logging and much more.

We also offer alternative financing and leasing options for customers needing to expand their business reach or meeting any sudden growth needs.

All purchases will include FREE on-site training, equipment loaner program, and one-stop repair center for all your equipment needs. Let us help you today, call us at (615) 285-3952 or email.
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This offer may be limited to our distribution sales region.

Let us know that you want to take advantage of our Pipe Defect/Current Mapper Recycling trade-in program and we will give you a generous offer on your older experienced PCM/PCM+ equipment.
Recycle Your PCM