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Locate & Mark and Survey Mapping GPR

The NOGGIN™ SmartCart configuration is a complete GPR system in a single package built for multiple applications. The NOGGIN™ supports additional antennas, e.g., 100MHz, 250MHz, 500MHz, and 1,000MHz. Of course 250MHz is the best choice for locating and utility mapping of metallic and difficult non-metallic pipes and cables. This high performance, easy-to-use system with real time display using the DVL and accurate positioning, gives users the on-the-spot answers needed to get the job done right and quickly. The NOGGIN™ SmartCart design can operate in a wide range of environments, rain or shine, and be stored at outside temperatures. The lightweight unit can easily be moved from location to location and is available in a variety of quickly deployable configurations to reduce setup time and allow for rapid surveying and underground data collection.
Noggin Video 
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE GPR demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The Noggin SmartCart is a market leading advanced premium GPR cart.

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Battery Type:
Battery Capacity:

Signal Enhancement:
Spatial Interval:
Dynamic Depth Ranges:

Depth Estimates:
Image Storage:
43.3" (110 cm)
21.7" (55 cm)
35.4" (90 cm)
57 lbs (26 kg)
1.25 A @ 12V
Lead Acid Gel Cell
9 Ah
Sensor: -40 C to +50 C
DVL: -5 C to +50 C
Dyna Q/Fixed stacks
Collects data to 1.5 to 100 ft. (1.5 to 30.5m)
Displays to 0.5 to 100 ft. (0.2 to 30.5m)
Real-time analysis
up to 16 GB
EKKO_Project Base software and its optional modules are an important component of any GPR system being used for detailed underground utility mapping.
  • EKKO_Project
  • Other Software
  • Video
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EKKO_Project is the all-inclusive software solution for managing, displaying, processing and interpreting GPR data. It provides easy, efficient analysis and integration of GPR and associated data.

EKKO_Project consist of a base program and three optional modules.
EKKO_Project works with project files generated by the GPR hardware. An embedded database structure allows all GPR data and ancillary files to be housed in a single .gpz file for a specific project.

A project could be a single GPR line or hundreds of lines and grids from an easy or complex survey.
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Interpretation Module enables users to add interpretations to GPR lines.
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SliceView Module displays the GPR data collected in a grid as a series of depth slices cutting into the subsurface.

Optional GPS integration necessary for overview satellite asset mapping.
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Processing Module provides a range of common GPR signal processing and analysis tools.
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3 D Visualization provides the means to display volume, variable-opacity views, iso surfaces and oblique slices, rotation and different colormaps. These tools greatly aid in determining underground utility mazes without ever disturbing the soil, parking lot, etc.
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Published on May 3, 2016
Learn how to use EKKO_Project – Sensors & Software’s all-inclusive platform managing, displaying, processing and interpreting ground penetrating radar (GPR) data.
Learn how to use EKKO_Project to:

– view GPS paths and interpretations in MapView
– display cross-sectional utility data and learn how to optimize the view of the data
– add interpretations directly to your line data and export to Google Earth
– attach photos, field notes, sketch maps and other files to your project to keep everything in one convenient location
– present your findings in the PDF ground Penetrating Rada (GPR) Summary Report with your company logo

We hope you will join us to see how EKKO_Project can help you extract valuable insights from your data and easily generate impressive reports for your clients.

Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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GPR Suitability Maps 
GPR Soil Suitability Maps are ideal for reviewing your area for conducive GPR locating. These maps are very detailed and are very large files. Please be patient and allow time to render in your browser.
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The Utility SmartCart with optional accessories makes for a very versatile GPR platform. The Utility SmartCart underground utility locator can quickly become a utility mapping system complete with GPS accuracy and 3D data processor. All wearable parts and accessories are easily accessible and affordable.
  • GPS
  • Easy Grid
  • DVL Carry Case
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  • Antenna
  • DVL
  • Skid Plate
  • Odometer
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Cables
  • Swivel Mounts
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The Noggin Smart Cart is the most versatile GPR cart platform on the market. Each Smart Cart can be used with multiple antenna sensors to broaden its uses. E.g., a quick antenna change can turn the Noggin Smart Cart from a utility locator to a police forensics tool, or to a concrete or road surface infrastructure analysis system.
  • 250 MHz
  • 500 MHz
  • 1000 MHz
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The 250 MHz antenna is the workhorse of the utility locating & mapping industry. 250MHz provides the best resolution and depth for cable & pipe locating and mapping. The same antenna is standard on the Utility SmartCart & LMX100 systems.
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The Noggin 500MHz is unparalleled for shallow utility mapping and many archaeological and forensics applications where resolution is a must along with depth of exploration.
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The Noggin 1000MHz is essential to concrete and road infrastructure projects where resolution is critical.
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Key Features:
  • High speed processing and display
  • Supports data collection for survey & mapping
  • Supports 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Mhz antennas
  • Bright, high contrast, sunlight visible LCD screen
  • Color Display w/Touchscreen
  • Weather-proof
  • Support of large flash storage memory
  • Serial port for GPS integration
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Storage Case 
These ruggedized ATA approved cases are perfect for storing on board work truck or construction site or for air travel between job sites. Storage cases help eliminate the risk associated with operating electronic instruments in tough environments and using them reduce overall cost of ownership.
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides on-site GPR cart demonstrations and FREE “Locate & Mark” training with purchase. FREE advance training with PC software available at factory training center (travel required).
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On-site training is currently available for AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN.

Software Training Videos 
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Repair Center 
Tracer Electronics LLC provides repair services for Sensors & Software LMX100, LMX200 & Utility SmartCart GPR carts. Tracer Electronics LLC is a USA factory authorized warranty repair center.
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Multi Sensor Platform
Survey & Mapping (GPR)
(full featured ground penetrating radar system)
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Noggin SmartCart