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New Fully Featured GPR cart with Dyna-T

The LMX200™ full featured GPR system allows technicians the ability to easily locate metallic and difficult non-metallic pipes and cables and quickly collect grid data for more advanced SUE applications. This new GPR cart is as easy-to-use as the LMX100 but provides advanced GPS and underground mapping capabilities. The LMX200 includes a High Resolution Touch Screen DVL and improved radar sensors technology (DynaT) with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) GPR technology for bench mark performance and accuracy. The new LMX200™ outperforms its competitors with best-in-class performance and stare-of-the-art capabilities. Whether you are a utility locating technician or a subsurface engineer, the LMX200 is the best choice.

Sensors & Software is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of this style GPR Cart.
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New Larger Wheels and Weather Cover for harsh terrain and unpredictable job sites
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Internal GPS as well as optional external GPS for geo-referencing of targets and utility mapping
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High Resolution Touch Screen DVL
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In field “Interpretation” for underground targets, color coded flags for surface notations
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Grids are no longer necessary to generate depth slices from GPR data when using optional external GPS.
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Perfect GPR cart for companies that locate all utilities and also survey or map complex sites.
Product Video 
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The new LMX200 is a market leading advanced premium GPR cart.

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DYNA-T - Dynamic Target Enhancement
Advanced signal processing applied to data to change the effective center frequency. The expanded bandwidth signal produces enhanced higher frequency image, medium frequency image and lower frequency image. This allows for users to search for small shallow targets, medium targets and large deep targets. Users can also view data in “All” blended mode.
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On-Site Slice View (GRIDS)
Produces on-screen grid data quickly and effectively, reveling underground utilities.
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Mini Reports
Produce instant reports that include a single screen capture and basic image information.
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Depth Slice View
At complex sites, depth slicing reveals the orientation of pipes and cables at different depths and outlines the extent of vaults, foundations and buried tanks.
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Wi-Fi - Built-in
Mini Reports are emailed from your LMX200 Cart through predefined Gmail account. This feature requires internet via Wi-Fi or hotspot internet data access.
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USB Data Transfer
Data can be easily saved to a memory stick for archiving and transfer to a PC for further EKKO_Project use.
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Field Interpretations
Classify targets in real-time with Field Interpretations. Use the touchscreen to color-code each target where it is located.
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Plan Map View
Using the external TopCon GPS kit, project file data including LineScan GNSS positions, rectilinear grids, flags, and field interpretations can be exported as Google Earth files (KMZ).
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Enhanced Google Earth KMZ files
Display your location and targets in Google Earth and other similar geo-referenced platforms. Easily integrate utility locations into CAD drawings and GIS databases.
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Screen Captures
At any point during the survey, you can save screen captures of line data, map views and depth slices. Perfect for producing quick mini reports.
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Battery Type:
Battery Capacity:

Signal Enhancement:
Spatial Interval:
Dynamic Depth Ranges:

Depth Estimates:
Image Storage:
USA Repair Center:
45.3" (115 cm)
27.6" (70 cm)
39.4” (100 cm)
48 lbs (22 kg)
1.25 A @ 12V
Lead Acid Gel Cell
9 Ah
Sensor: -40 C to +50 C
DVL: -10 C to +50 C
Dyna Q stacking / Dyna T
5 cm
Collects data to 30 ft. (8 m) and displays 3 to 30 ft.
Real-time analysis
up to 200 miles of data in internal memory
360° Cart View 
360 Degree
The LMX200 provides a fully sealed antenna sensor module and weather proof DVL (IP66). Wearable parts include skid plate, battery, odometer, cables, handle/cart, etc., are easily accessible and affordable.

Optional accessories include spare battery boxes, ImageView software, larger wheels, DVL carry cases, and storage/shipping cases.
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Replaceable Skid Plate
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Large Wheel Kits
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Serial Port Weather Cover
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System Transport Case
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GPS for easy integration
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Rechargeable Battery
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DVL 500 Carry Case
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GPR Suitability Maps 
GPR Soil Suitability Maps are ideal for reviewing your area for conducive GPR locating. These maps are very detailed and are very large files. Please be patient and allow time to render in your browser.
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EKKO_Project V5 base 
EKKO Project Base
EKKO Project base software makes complex GPR analysis easy with intuitive tools to organize, edit, process and plot your GPR data. EKKO Project Suite includes: LineView module, Interpretation module and SliceView module.
  • EKKO Project Base
  • LineView
  • Interpretation
  • SliceView
  • Reports
Tab 1
EKKO Project Base Allows users to:

  • Archive data, then retrieve in case of questions/liability
  • Easily generate reports
  • Document work
  • Allows integration of photos and other electronics files
  • Re-process data to enhance certain features or locate difficult objects
  • Highlight certain areas of the data
  • "Clean-Up" data for impressive reports
  • Output data into 3rd party programs
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Tab 2
LineView module allows users to:

  • Change DVL display settings, such as color, gain, filter, etc.
  • Apply soil/velocity calibration (for accurate depth)
  • Change plot type (e.g., time scale)
  • Apply changes to all lines at once
  • Format axis/fonts for nicer look
  • Interpretation module requires LineView
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LineView module is necessary to go from a GPR response on a GPR line to a place on Google Earth.
Tab 3
Interpretation module allows users to:

  • Add interpretations to GPR lines (points, polylines, boxes, annotations)
  • Point interpretations are displayed in MapView
  • Interps can be output in Google Earth, CAD, GIS
  • Interps can be output in a .CSV file
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Interpretation module is the best way to extract useful information from GPR data into other formats like CAD, Google Earth, etc.
Tab 4
SliceView module allows users to:

  • MapView displays depth slices as they were processed in the field
  • SliceView allow user to change the color palette, gain, filter, slice thickness
  • Create depth slices from legacy systems
  • Change velocity and processing options
  • Output depth slices onto Google Earth
  • Outputs data into a 3D Voxler software
  • Outputs data into surfer .GRD file
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Grids are no longer necessary to generate depth slices from GPR data. With accurate position from GPS or another method, collect grids in a pseudo-grid manner and use the new SliceView-Lines routine to generate depth slices.
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Tab 5
EKKO Project provides users the ability to quickly and easily create GPR Summary Reports.
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Software Training Videos 
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides FREE on-site GPR cart demonstrations and FREE training with purchase of new Sensors & Software LMX systems.
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On-site training is currently available for AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN.

NULCA Training 
GPR for the Locating Technician course (Nulca accredited)
Learn the best practices for locating utilities with GPR. This course follows the new Nulca Competencies for the GPR Technician curriculum.

Courses will be held a various locations including Tracer Electronics LLC in Lebanon, TN.

If interested in attending an upcoming course, please contact your local sales manager.
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Tracer Electronics LLC is the USA factory authorized warranty repair center for Sensors & Software GPR carts.
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Contact your local Tracer Sales Manager today and asked about our 2018 Sales Promotion
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SEMINAR - August 16, 2018
"GPR for Locating Utilities"-Orlando, FL-Sign-up Today!
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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Locate & Mark and Survey Mapping GPR

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LMX200 GPR Cart