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The LMX200 full featured GPR system from Sensors & Software allow technicians to easily locate metallic and difficult non-metallic pipes and cables and quickly collect grid data for more advanced Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) applications. The LMX200 is as easy-to-use as the LMX100 but provides advanced underground mapping capabilities, e.g., GPS, Field Interpretations, EKKO Project software, etc. The LMX200 features internal storage of data files organized as "projects". The LMX200 can store up to 9 projects, each project includes storage of up to 10 grids (.GPZ), 99 lines and 999 screenshots (.JPG). The LMX200 utilize UWB 250MHz antenna, high resolution touchscreen (DVL500) and large rough terrain wheels. Whether you are a utility locating technician or a sub-surface engineer, the LMX200 is your best choice.

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New SplitView feature on the LMX200.

Already own an LMX200? Just call your local Tracer Electronics sales manager today for your FREE SplitView upgrade. We will visit your job site and update your system for FREE. Available in the USA states of AL/FL/GA/KY/NC/SC/TN.

All New LMX200's will include this feature at no additional cost to you.
LMX200 GPR Cart