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The LMX100 GPR system from Sensors & Software is designed for the utility locating segment. The LMX100 offers ease-of-use, improved performance and leads the market in affordability. The LMX100 features high resolution screen (DVL500), high performance ultra wide band GPR (UWB 250MHz), large 13" rough terrain wheels and its unique serial port weather cover allows technicians the ability to easily locate metallic and difficult non-metallic pipes and cables on any job site under any condition.

Sensors & Software is the original equipment manufacture (OEM).

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DYNA-T - Dynamic Target Enhancement
Advanced signal processing applied to data to change the effective center frequency. The expanded bandwidth signal produces enhanced higher frequency image, medium frequency image and lower frequency image. This allows for users to search for small shallow targets, medium targets and large deep targets. Users can also view data in “All” blended mode.

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New DynaT & Image Optimization filter features on the LMX100 w/high resolution display.

Already own an LMX100? Just call your local Tracer Electronics sales manager today for your FREE DynaT upgrade. We will visit your job site and update your system for FREE. Available in the USA states of AL/FL/GA/KY/NC/SC/TN.

All New LMX100's will include this feature at no additional cost to you.
LMX100 High Resolution GPR Cart