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New, Affordable, Concrete Scanner

The Conquest100™ concrete GPR scanning system is specifically designed for the concrete professional assigned to drill or core through vital concrete infrastructure. The Conquest 100 allows everyday technicians the ability to easily locate rebar, post tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits in real time, thus avoiding structural damage with any new construction. This new GPR scanning system is easy-to-use and requires minimal training. The Conquest 100 features real time display provided by the new high resolution touchscreen DVL and a compact and lightweight radar sensor. Included with each system are mylar grid sheets making setting up a quick grid easy and quick. The new on-screen drill position indicator makes marking the safe drill spot safe and easy.
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides sales, training and nationwide repair services. We also provide FREE demonstrations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The new Conquest 100 is a market leading advanced premium GPR system.

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The Conquest 100 Advantage 
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ImageView Software 
Conquest ImageView software allows users to review images and produce impressive reports.
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Mobility Kit 
Conquest 100 Mobility kit includes ergonomically designed handle and DVL harness for standing operation.
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Power Cable Detector (PCD) 
Power Cable Detector (PCD) ensures safety by locating current carrying cables in the area. The software will indicate power carrying target as bright red on display.
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Reports via phone 
Transfer information wirelessly to your smartphone ASAP or make advanced reports in Conquest ImageView.
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Tracer Electronics LLC is the USA factory authorized warranty repair center for Sensors & Software GPR products.
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Tracer Electronics LLC provides FREE training with purchase of new Sensors & Software LMX or Conquest 100 system.
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On-site training is currently available for AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN.

Software Training Videos 
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Concrete Scanning (GPR)
(concrete scanning ground penetrating radar system)
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Conquest GPR System